Allen & Ward

C Support

Allen: You… You’re Ward, the mercenary.
Ward: Uh… Who are you?
Allen: I’m Allen, knight of Pherae.
Ward: Oh, right. You’re one of our client’s knights. Hey… Are you a strong fighter?
Allen: Talk about being sudden… Well, I can say I consider myself to be fairly skilled.
Ward: All right, good. You want to have duel?
Allen: What, right now?
Ward: Of course.
Allen: Very well. But I’m telling you now, I can’t go easy on you.
Ward: I would kill you if you do. You’d better not be complaining when you get hurt, either.
Allen: Then…let’s go!

*They fight*

Ward: W…Whoa… You’re better than I thought.
Allen: You too… Good fight!
Ward: Listen up, next time I’ll beat you. Got that?
Allen: Sure thing!

B Support

Ward: Hey you!
Allen: Ward! How do you fare?
Ward: I’ve been looking for you. Let’s continue. We didn’t finish the other day’s duel yet.
Allen: Oh? I thought I won that match.
Ward: No way, I was just getting warmed up. You haven’t seen the real me yet.
Allen: Oh no? Then I shall go full force as well!
Ward: Bring it on!

*They fight*

Ward: Damn… You are strong…
Allen: We’re even now… Lance and I used to spar like this a lot. It’s a
great thing to have a partner you can train with to see how much you’ve grown.
Ward: I haven’t lost yet! I’m really going all out next time, you hear?
Allen: Of course. I’ll take you on any time!

A Support

Ward: Aaaaarrrr!
Allen: …! You’re…getting better, Ward!
Ward: Y…You too! You become stronger every time I see you.
Allen: I’m still weak. I must become stronger still.
Ward: Heh, then I’ll become stronger than that! No matter how many enemies come out, I’ll crush them all with my axe…
Allen: Enemies… Ward.
Ward: What?
Allen: How do you see this battle?
Ward: What do you mean, how?
Allen: Do you think we can win?
Ward: What? Of course we’ll win. I’m on this side, after all. How could we lose? And we’ve also got you. No enemy would stand a chance against the two of us.
Allen: Haha… That’s right, I forgot. There’s no way we could lose. It isn’t like me at all to get worried like that. All right! Charge!
Ward: Oh yeah! Let’s go get ’em!