Astohl & Barth

C Support

Barth: This is no surprise, but Bern seems to have been doing something behind the scenes even before the war started.
Astohl: Yeah. The traitors in the Alliance, the rebellion at Ostia… It all happened according to their plans. Well, of course, I can’t say much because I didn’t realize when it mattered the most…
Barth: The betrayals in the Alliance and Lord Hector’s death… We are all to blame for that.
Astohl: Nah, it’s my fault. The mistake I made, it was just… It was just way too big.
Barth: …We must keep our eyes sharp so that such a tragedy does not happen in the future.
Astohl: Yeah, I know. Traitors and spies could be anywhere. Like in this army, for example.
Barth: What…! There is a traitor in our ranks!?
Astohl: No…not that I know of. But you can never be too careful. I carved that concept into my heart when Lord Hector was killed.

B Support

Barth: Astohl, about the other day… About the traitor.
Astohl: Yeah?
Barth: Do you have any suspects?
Astohl: No, not yet. But I need all the information I can get, so I’m doing some research in the shadows.
Barth: Traitors… If you think of the possibilities… The list just keeps getting longer.
Astohl: Yeah, we’ve got people from just about everywhere. I’ll have to go through them individually one by one… This’ll be a tough job.
Barth: The most obvious suspect would be her…
Astohl: Right. Guinevere, princess of Bern. You can’t help but suspect her.
Barth: Master Roy trusts her. I really don’t want to think that she…
Astohl: Yeah, I know…
Barth: We would lose any trust our comrades had for us if they find out that we are suspecting them…
Astohl: …It’s tough, ain’t it? But someone’s got to do it.

A Support

Barth: Astohl. …How did it go?
Astohl: Yeah. It took some time, but I’m that much more confident. The princess is innocent.
Barth: I see…
Astohl: Princess Guinevere really trusts General Roy. So does everyone else here. Well, what do you know… This ragtag group’s bond is actually pretty strong.
Barth: Yes… I’m relieved.
Astohl: Uh-huh. So that’s taken care of. When we get someone new, I’ll be sure keep an eye on him.
Barth: I’m sorry to have to give all this dirty work to you…
Astohl: Hey, don’t let it bother you. It’s what I do.