Barth & Oujay

C Support

Barth: Oujay.
Oujay: Sir Barth.
Barth: Have you been keeping up with your training?
Oujay: Of course.
Barth: …I’ve been wanting to ask you, but why did you not try to become an Armor Knight? Why did you become a Mercenary?
Oujay: I figured heavy armor wouldn’t suit me very well.
Barth: That is because you are not training yourself hard enough.
Oujay: Well, but I wasn’t born with…
Barth: This is a perfect opportunity. I shall train you every day from now on. You will do the training that I do. Then you may be able to become an Armor Knight.
Oujay: Are you sure…?

B Support

Oujay: Sir Barth… This training is just…crazy.
Barth: You’ll get used to it soon enough. I do this every day.
Oujay: Yes, but I don’t have the build that you do…
Barth: Did you say something?
Oujay: No…
Barth: Just keep quiet and train yourself. Trust me.
Oujay: Yes…

A Support

Barth: ? Is someone doing practice swings…?
Oujay: Phew… I wonder if I’ve gotten any closer to Sir Barth now.
Barth: Oujay.
Oujay: Whoa!? Oh, Sir Barth! You scared me.
Barth: Good, very good. You see, your body has gotten accustomed to training itself.
Oujay: Yes, I feel like I just have to keep moving my body. And besides, I would hate to lose someone because I wasn’t strong enough.
Barth: I see you have learned your lesson. If you keep a habit of training yourself, you will never get tired in battle. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Armor Knight or Mercenary.
Oujay: What? But I thought you wanted to make me an Armor Knight.
Barth: I just said that to make you train as a habit. I know your build wouldn’t be able to handle heavy armor.
Oujay: Really?
Barth: It encouraged you more, didn’t it?
Oujay: It did? I wonder.
Barth: What did you say?
Oujay: No, nothing…