Bors & Barth

C Support

Bors: Ah, Barth. It’s been a long time.
Barth: Yes, it has. It seems that you have become stronger since you left.
Bors: They were tough battles indeed.
Barth: Well, I wasn’t just sitting around in Ostia, either. I was training myself at the arena, preparing myself for when a battle breaks out.
Bors: …That arena. Sorry for saying this, but…I really don’t approve of it. A knight, fighting to make money? That’s…
Barth: No one has a need for a weak Armor Knight. I will keep training myself to prevail in battle.
Bors: Well… You haven’t changed at all, I see.
Barth: Neither have you.

B Support

Bors: Barth… Was it all right with you?
Barth: About what?
Bors: Did you not want to go into battle alongside Lord Hector? After all, you were always saying that a knight’s true purpose is to go out and fight.
Barth: …It would be a lie to say that I didn’t feel that way. But I figured that staying here and protecting this land and Lady Lilina would also be a form of battle.
Bors: I see…
Barth: But I allowed Lady Lilina into the hands of the enemy. I was naive… Somewhere at the bottom of my heart, I believed that Ostia was at peace.
Bors: Don’t blame yourself… You need to fix that part of you.
Barth: Yes, I do… Well, whenever I talk to you, it seems that I
reveal my inner feelings.
Bors: We’ve been friends ever since we were knighted. Even if we try to hide something, we could easily see through it.
Barth: Haha… Exactly.

A Support

Barth: Bors, I always wanted to ask you…
Bors: Ask me what?
Barth: Why did you become an Armor Knight?
Bors: Because I wanted to protect those I love with this armor.
Barth: I see.
Bors: What about you?
Barth: I became an Armor Knight because they are the strongest fighters. I believe that in a 1 on 1 battle, no other unit can match the Armor Knight. …Which is probably why I couldn’t protect Lady Lilina against a large horde…
Bors: That again?
Barth: That happened because I wasn’t strong enough. If I had enough power to stop the rebellion all on my own, I would not have allowed the situation to get out of hand. I must become stronger still.
Bors: …I see. …Then you are to become a spear stronger than any other. And I shall become a shield tougher than any other.
Barth: A spear and a shield…
Bors: Let us together make the way for the lives that we shall lead in the future.
Barth: Sounds good, friend!