Bors & Lilina

C Support

Bors: Lady Lilina… Has something been bothering you lately?
Lilina: Eh… No, everything’s fine.
Bors: Are you sure…? I have been given orders by Lord Hector to protect you at all costs.
Lilina: And?
Bors: So if something has happened, I should know about it so I can protect you well…
Lilina: I said, nothing’s wrong!
Bors: B-But you wouldn’t be so…touchy in your normal state…
Lilina: Touchy!? I’m not being touchy!
Bors: Yes, but…
Lilina: Just be quiet, Bors! You’re annoying me.
Bors: W-Where are you going, my lady?
Lilina: Someplace where I won’t have to listen to you.
Bors: Lady Lilina!

B Support

Lilina: Bors, uh… About the other day…
Bors: The other day?
Lilina: I wanted to apologize.
Bors: To me?
Lilina: You were just being concerned for me, and I just blew up at you like that… I’m sorry.
Bors: Please…don’t be.
Lilina: …Will you hear why I’m so irritated? I think I need someone to talk to…
Bors: If I would suffice.
Lilina: It’s about Roy… What do you think about him?
Bors: Well… I think he has grown splendidly well to be a wise and caring leader to us all.
Lilina: But the Roy I know would have mismatched buttons on his suit, and he wouldn’t be able to do one dance step properly… So I always thought I had to take care of him.
Bors: ……
Lilina: But Roy’s suddenly changing… He’s gotten so…grown up, you know? He seems like such a faraway person now…
Bors: …My lady, Master Roy has not changed as much as you think.
Lilina: Do you think so?
Bors: It is true that he has grown and matured, but that does not change the nature of a person. Mater Roy’s nature is still the same as you know it to be, my lady.
Lilina: Yeah, that’s right… Thank you for listening to me, Bors.
Bors: Of course, my lady.

A Support

Bors: You look much better today, my lady.
Lilina: Yes, I feel much better now.
Bors: That is good to hear.
Lilina: It’s not like Roy was avoiding me or anything… It was just that he seemed to be changing, and that I was getting left behind.
Bors: ……
Lilina: I was just jumping to conclusions and fretting over nothing… Once I realized that, it suddenly seemed so silly. I’m still a kid, aren’t I?
Bors: Lady Lilina…
Lilina: Bors, will you always stay by my side from now on?
Bors: …I am a knight, and my loyalty is with you. As long as you need me, I shall always be there for you.
Lilina: Thank you, Bors…