Bors & Oujay

C Support

Oujay: Sir Bors? You are Sir Bors, right?
Bors: Oh… Who are you?
Oujay: I’m Oujay of the Ostia Armor Knights. I have heard of you from Wendy.
Bors: Ah, from her… So you are our newest member?
Oujay: Yes. I’m pleased to meet you.
Bors: But…you don’t seem to be an Armor Knight.
Oujay: Yes, I figured that I would fill in the parts that our squad is lacking in.
Bors: Ah, I see. That’s very noble of you. Not many can do the same.
Oujay: Thank you.

B Support

Oujay: I heard from Sir Barth, but you have beaten even him once, right?
Bors: Yes. Just once, in a martial arts tournament held in Ostia.
Oujay: What was the battle like?
Bors: Well… To tell the truth, I actually don’t remember very well.
Oujay: What? Was the battle with Sir Barth so boring that you don’t even remember?
Bors: That’s not it. It was because I don’t fight for the sake of fighting. That time I was forced to participate, and I wasn’t interested in the tournament itself. So I’ve already forgotten most of what happened in it.
Oujay: ……
Bors: Oujay, there must always be a cause in battle. You must never fight for the sake of fighting.

A Support

Oujay: Sir Bors, you said the other day that there must always be a cause in battle.
Bors: Yes. And for that cause, you must be willing to go through any and all hardships. Do you have such a cause?
Oujay: Well…unfortunately, I don’t. I became a mercenary to feed my family. So I don’t really have a cause…
Bors: You’ve got one right there.
Oujay: Huh?
Bors: Feeding your family is a great cause. And for that cause, you train yourself and become stronger, stronger than anybody else.
Oujay: Y-Yes!
Bors: A cause is not just limited to large scale things like defending your country or saving the world. All right?