Cath & Hugh

C Support

Hugh: One, two, three… Yup, I’ve got it all. Looks like I can trust that Roy to give me a steady pay. Well, guess it’s time to show them my worth…
Cath: Hey!
Hugh: Wh-What the?
Cath: Where’d you get all that money? Are you a thief as well?
Hugh: Do I look like a thief to you? They paid me this money when I joined.
Cath: What!? That’s not fair! I’ve been working for nothing all this time!
Hugh: Well, I guess you’re just not good enough to pay. You’ve got to show your worth if you want cash.
Cath: …Hmm… I’ll take those words as a challenge! I’ll show you my worth as a thief. I’ll steal that money right out from under your nose!

*Cath leaves*

Hugh: Wait, what!? Fine, dammit! Take it if you can!

B Support

Cath: Hey, Hugh!
Hugh: …!
Cath: What are you getting all uptight about? I’m just trying to be friendly here. Do you really think I’ll try to steal in broad daylight like this?
Hugh: Well, I’m not trusting you any more! I’m gonna be on my guard whenever you’re around.
Cath: Ha, you’ve got such petty thoughts. You’re getting all worked up over a couple thousand gold?
Hugh: W-Well, it’s still money to me!
Cath: …Hm, but I suppose I’m going to have some trouble with you on your watch like that. I guess I’ll pass it up for today.
Hugh: Right! Just give it up and go!
Cath: All right. But remember, Hugh! I’ll be back!
Hugh: ……

A Support

Hugh: You again!? It doesn’t matter how many times you come. I’m not giving you this money!
Cath: Are you still staying that? Geez!
Hugh: Then stop trying to take it! I mean, don’t you already have a ton of money if you’re a thief?
Cath: No. Why would I?
Hugh: Yeah, right! I see you running around looting the chests all the time!
Cath: I give it all to the poor. I’m a master thief, I have my dignity. I would never keep even 1G of the money I steal.
Hugh: Then… Are you going to give the money you take from me to the poor as well?
Cath: Of course.
Hugh: …… …Hey… You can have maybe a hundred… No… I can give you around half of this money to…
Cath: …No. I’m a master thief, I have my dignity. I don’t take offers from other people.
Hugh: Look, I’m giving it to you. Just take it!
Cath: I said no. I don’t want it. Besides… I’ve already got your money.
Hugh: What!?

*Cath leaves*

Hugh: What…what the hell!? When did you switch… Cath! Wait! Just wait a second, please!