Chad & Hugh

C Support

Chad: Hey, you! Are you Hugh?
Hugh: Eh? What do you want, kid?
Chad: …Is it true that you’re a moneylender?
Hugh: And if it were?
Chad: I want to borrow 3000G right now.
Hugh: Well, I’m sorry, kid. I only lend money to grown-ups or the hottest chicks.
Chad: …Oh. All right then, I’ll ask someone else.
Hugh: Hey hey hey, wait just a minute. You’re an impatient kid, aren’t you? You can’t just give up so easily like that.
Chad: But you only lend money to adults or cute girls, right?
Hugh: Well, if you really insist, I can make an exception. But the interest’ll be twice the normal rate.
Chad: I thought it would be something like that. …But fine. Let me borrow the money. I’ll give it back to you on the next payday.
Hugh: One, two, three. Here you go, 3000G.
Chad: Thanks. See you later.

*Chad leaves*

Hugh: Remember, it’s 4000 including the interest! …How could I turn him down after he looks at me like that? This is why I don’t like kids…

B Support

Chad: Yo! Here’s the money I owe you.
Hugh: One, two, three, four. Yup, that’s 4000. I haven’t seen you around lately so I thought you ran off with it.
Chad: I keep my promises. That’s natural as a human being.
Hugh: Well you know, it’s not so natural for some people. Kids sure are honest. You sure you chose the right job?
Chad: Stop calling me kid. I have a name, Chad.
Hugh: All right. Well then, Chad, why’d you become a thief?
Chad: …I have to steal to live. I’m an orphan.
Hugh: You always lived your life alone?
Chad: No, I lived in a small orphanage near the border between Lycia and Bern. I grew up with other orphans. We were doing pretty well, Father and the other kids and me… …If this war didn’t break out, I’d still be there.
Hugh: ……
Chad: Father was a nice person, but he was only able to maintain the orphanage through the help of the villagers. And then the war broke out, and we starting running out of food and clothing. I was the oldest of the orphans, but I couldn’t find any work. So the only way to get food quickly was to steal.
Hugh: So you sent the 3000G to the orphanage…
Chad: No. …The orphanage isn’t there anymore.
Hugh: !?
Chad: Father was killed by Bern’s troops and the place was burned down…
Hugh: W-What about the children? Were they killed?
Chad: Thanks to Father, we all survived. The little kids are waiting for me under the protection of the Elimine Church.
Hugh: ……
Chad: I used the 3000G to buy a strong sword. I’m going to use it to help end this war quickly and go pick up the little ones!
Hugh: So the little kids are the family that you want to protect.
Chad: Right. I have nothing else. You got a problem with that?
Hugh: No… Sorry I made fun of you. You’re already grown up, Chad. You’re certainly more of an adult than I am.

A Support

Hugh: Hey! Chad! Have you been doing well?
Chad: Yeah, I suppose. But not as well as you.
Hugh: Man, are you always like that? Can’t you say something like ‘Hey, Hugh! What’s up?’ or something with a bright smile on your face?
Chad: …Sick.
Hugh: Sick? Aw, come on! You know, I’ve gotten all worked up after you told me that story. I really want to help out!
Chad: …Mister, you really a mage? You sure you’re not some kind of jester or something?
Hugh: M-Mister!? Wait a minute, you’re calling this superbly handsome young man a Mister!?
Chad: You’re a Mister from my view.
Hugh: Ugh! You stabbed me right in my sensitive spot just now! …Not Mister, Mister won’t do! You can call me anything, but not Mister! I have a really sensitive soul, you know!
Chad: … Hahahahahahahaha! Haha…hee…my…my stomach…! Hahaha…!
Hugh: !!
Chad: Oh man, that was funny. You’re pretty weird, aren’t you? Fine, I’ll call you Hugh. That’s okay, right? Since you say you’re not a Mister.
Hugh: So you can laugh!
Chad: Huh?
Hugh: You know, you’ve always got that glare in your eye. Your eyebrows are always bunched up like this, you know? And you’ve got a foul mouth, you’ve got an attitude, and you don’t even smile.
Chad: What are you saying all of a sudden?
Hugh: I’ve seen so many kids who’ve lost the ability to smile in this war. Grown-ups have a lot of issues, but come on, kids have to be laughing! Although it seems like the idiots starting wars don’t realize that.
Chad: ……
Hugh: Well anyway, if there are kids who can still laugh, I suppose there’s still hope for the world. I know it’s been tough for you, but make sure to laugh once in a while, okay?
Chad: H-Hey, don’t mess up my hair!
Hugh: Hahahaha, sorry! Well then, see you later. Don’t mess up, you got that?

*Hugh leaves*

Chad: …Maybe there really is still hope for the world if there are adults like you…