Chad & Lugh

C Support

Lugh: Chad! There you are.
Chad: ? Something smells good…
Lugh: Here you go. That’s your share.
Chad: Hey, baked tarts! Where’d you get these?
Lugh: The meal delivery man gave me some extra ones.
Chad: …Man, they look good… I can really have them?
Lugh: Of course.
Chad: Yes! …Man, these are good!
Lugh: Haha!
Chad: What?
Lugh: Oh, sorry. It’s just that you always look really happy when you’re eating.
Chad: I do?
Lugh: Yeah. I think that’s one of the best things about you.
Chad: W-What the… I’m not gonna give you anything even if you praise me. I-I’ll be going now. Thanks for the food!
Lugh: Haha, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

B Support

Chad: Lugh! Here.
Lugh: What? Oh, a new pair of shoes! Where did you get this?
Chad: I didn’t steal it, all right? The other day I came across an old lady who lost her key, so I helped her out. She gave me the shoes.
Lugh: Then why don’t you wear them? She gave them to you, not me.
Chad: No, it’s all right. My shoes aren’t as beat up as yours, and besides, they’re a little small for me anyway.
Lugh: But we’re about the same height. If they’re small for you, they would be small on me, too.
Chad: J-Just take them! I’m older, so my feet are a little bigger than yours!
Lugh: What? That’s not right!
Chad: Of course it is! End of story, okay? You better wear those shoes, got it? See you.
Lugh: Chad! …Thanks.

A Support

Lugh: Chad! What’s wrong? Is something on your mind?
Chad: Lugh… No, I was just thinking that it’s been a long time since we joined this army. I wonder how the little ones are doing…
Lugh: Yeah, I wonder. I hope they’re being good listening to the Elimine priests…
Chad: I wonder if they’re waiting for us to return…
Lugh: …Sure they are. We’re family, right?
Chad: You know…I’m glad that you came with me.
Lugh: Oh? Then does that mean you think I’m strong enough?
Chad: Well… I already knew that you were strong…
Lugh: Then what?
Chad: How can I say this… You have a twin brother, Ray, right? So I kinda felt that even if we three were together, I would be sort of left out.
Lugh: What’s that supposed to mean! I always thought of you as family, just as much as Ray!
Chad: Yeah, I know! Now I know better. I was just creating a wall around myself and was trapped inside. But now I think of you both as my real family.
Lugh: …Okay, I’ll forgive you. You’re my older brother, even if you’re a little…childish.
Chad: What! Lugh, you!
Lugh: Hahahaha…