Chad & Ray

C Support

Chad: Hey! Ray!
Ray: …Chad. Who said you could come talk to me?
Chad: Dammit, I wouldn’t if I didn’t need to.
Ray: What do you want?
Chad: Roy… I mean Master Roy wants to see us.
Ray: Like I care.
Chad: Y-You idiot! Don’t say such things in such a loud voice! That Merlinus guy’ll be after us again!
Ray: What, are you afraid that old geezer?
Chad: I sure am. He and Master Roy are both nobles.
Ray: Haha, so little boy Chad’ll go bowing down to power?
Chad: …Laugh while you can. But let me say this. If we go against nobility, we can’t complain no matter what happens to us. Master Roy doesn’t seem to be that kind of a person, but I don’t know about the others.
Ray: ……
Chad: I don’t want to watch someone I know get beat up right in front of me. You’ve got quite a mouth, but if you don’t want to get killed, use it somewhere else. …I’m going. You better come, too.
Ray: ……

B Support

Ray: …Hey.
Chad: …What?
Ray: You’re still stealing and stuff, huh.
Chad: ! I’ve got no choice, all right? I can’t use magic like you. All I can do for this army is to pick locks and go gather information…
Ray: Well, it’s pretty good if you can do that much.
Chad: What?
Ray: You know, the other day when we had go see that Roy person… He said that he appreciated the work of us, who are close to his age. But you were constantly bowing down and saying that you never did anything important.
Chad: Yeah?
Ray: You’re doing something that only you can do. Then why don’t you be proud of it? You look like an idiot, always putting yourself down like that.
Chad: …Uh, are you trying to cheer me up?
Ray: D-Don’t be ridiculous! There would be no reason in hell that I would be trying to cheer you up!
Chad: Yeah, I thought so. Good, you had me scared for a sec there.
Ray: …Dammit! I’m going!
Chad: Hey! What’s your problem?

A Support

Chad: Hey!
Ray: ……
Chad: Don’t ignore me. I have to talk to you.
Ray: About what?
Chad: When this war is over, what are you going to do?
Ray: …What about you?
Chad: I’ll go pick up the little ones first. Then I’ll try and get some money to rebuild the orphanage…
Ray: Then I’ll go with you. I can help out until the little kids settle down.
Chad: …I thought so.
Ray: ?
Chad: You’re actually a good guy deep down inside.
Ray: !!
Chad: Lugh always used to say that you were kind. I used to think that he was trying to defend you as your brother, but I guess not. He’s your brother all right, he knows how you really are.
Ray: …You’re just as naive as Lugh! Say what you want! I’m going!
Chad: Ha, there’s no need to get embarrassed… Hey! Wait! Don’t walk off for real!