Clarine & Dorothy

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Clarine: Oh? You…
Dorothy: Me? Yes?
Clarine: Why are you dressing yourself in men’s clothes?
Dorothy: Is it…strange?
Clarine: Of course! A lady must be wearing elegant dresses. A true lady must be dressed properly when they fight.
Dorothy: Really…? No, I suppose you’re right. I don’t know anything about such matters…
Clarine: Hm…I see. Well then, I suppose I can teach you everything I know.
Dorothy: What? N-No! I wouldn’t do well in such things…
Clarine: Don’t be ridiculous! A lady must always be beautiful. No gentleman will ever look at you if you look like that!
Dorothy: D-Do you think so… Well…she is offering to help me… All right. Please teach me, Lady Clarine!

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Clarine: So… Dorothy, what do you usually do?
Dorothy: Well, I’m pretty busy outside the battlefield. I help cook meals and stuff…
Clarine: What!? You can leave dirty jobs like that to that lowly Merlinus person!
Dorothy: L-Lowly? Master Merlinus is lowly?
Clarine: How do you take care of your hair?
Dorothy: I wash it with water.
Clarine: What!? I can’t believe…! Here, use this. You must wash your hair with it three times a day! Understood?
Dorothy: T-Three times? Well… It looks really expensive… I appreciate it, but it would be wasteful if I used it.
Clarine: What are you saying! I am offering it to you. Go ahead, take it.
Dorothy: Oh… Well, thank you, then.
Clarine: Also…you should change the way you speak. Could you not speak more like me, with a refined and elegant tone?
Dorothy: Um…okay… <BritishAccent> Oh, what a beautiful day it is! Would you care for cup of afternoon tea and crumpets? </BritishAccent>
Clarine: …This will take a lot of work… Well, first, you must learn how to take care of your hair, how to choose your dresses, dance steps, how to turn down offers from men…
Dorothy: That much!?
Clarine: There is more. You mustn’t give up so easily! The way to a refined lady is a tough one indeed!
Dorothy: Well…

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Dorothy: Um… Lady Clarine?
Clarine: Yes?
Dorothy: I’ve been trying really hard to be a lady, but… Nothing seems to have changed. No one seems to be noticing. So maybe I should just give up…
Clarine: Well…
Dorothy: I’m sorry! I know you were just trying to help me… But it’s not your fault! You know, with me, the base isn’t very good…
Clarine: Dorothy! That is what’s wrong with you!
Dorothy: What?
Clarine: Listen to me. A fine lady must have confidence in herself. No matter how much you dress up, if you do not have faith in yourself, it will all be in vain. You must not degrade yourself like that. Understood?
Dorothy: Y-Yes.
Clarine: Have confidence in yourself! It is me who is teaching you. Of course you will become a lady one day!
Dorothy: …Yes, thank you, Lady Clarine…
Clarine: …And… We are friends now, are we not?
Dorothy: Eh?
Clarine: Don’t call me ‘Lady’ Clarine. Just call me Clarine.
Dorothy: Oh, right. Okay then, thanks, Clarine!
Clarine: …A-Ahem! Today we shall go over how to drink tea!
Dorothy: All right!