Clarine & Klein

C Support

Clarine: Ahh! Klein!
Klein: W-What! What’s wrong, Clarine?
Clarine: You look wonderful in that outfit today!
Klein: And I was wondering what in the world happened when you screamed like that… Is that all?
Clarine: But Klein! In this army, everyone is just so aesthetically challenged! You truly shine when you are among them, Klein!
Klein: Clarine, you only think that because I’m your family…
Clarine: No! There is no one else in the world who could match you. Perhaps General Percival has more authority, but you will always be the most beautiful!
Klein: …Clarine, a fine lady wouldn’t say things like that.
Clarine: But it is true.
Klein: …Clarine.
Clarine: But I will try harder if you tell me to.
Klein: Yes, do so.

B Support

Klein: Clarine, come over here.
Clarine: Oh, Klein? How do you fare today?
Klein: Not too well, I’m afraid.
Clarine: ? Is something wrong?
Klein: Is it true that you said harsh things to the cleric and made her cry?
Clarine: No, I did not make her cry. She is the one who just started crying.
Klein: …So it’s true that she did cry.
Clarine: It is her fault! She was sucking up to you.
Klein: What do you mean?
Clarine: She was healing your wounds before I got the chance.
Klein: Clarine!
Clarine: But I wanted to heal your injuries so that you would be proud of me and would say that I was being a great help, and…
Klein: …But I was proud of you. I was thinking that my naive little sister’s so grown up now… But now that you’ve done this…
Clarine: I-I’ll never do it again! Please don’t hate me, Klein!
Klein: What are talking about. I’ll never hate you.
Clarine: Oh, thank you, Klein!

A Support

Klein: What’s wrong, Clarine? You look sad.
Clarine: I… I don’t want to go back to the mansion after the war…
Klein: Why? Father and Mother are anxious for us to return.
Clarine: I want to meet Father and Mother… But if I return to the mansion, I would just be a doll again. I would never see the outside world, and I would only be concerned about decorating myself…
Klein: Well, that is how most Etrurian ladies are.
Clarine: Yes, I know… But becoming the most elegant lady in Etruria does not seem as appealing as it once did.
Klein: That’s because you’re growing up and maturing, Clarine. If you stay at the mansion, you could just live your life without doing anything. That would be easy, but…
Clarine: But it would be so horribly boring!
Klein: Yes, indeed… All right, then here’s what we will do. Once this war is over, we will first go back home and show Father and Mother that we are safe and well.
Clarine: Yes.
Klein: Then we can discuss your future and what you want to do.
Clarine: Oh, I already know what I want to do!
Klein: What?
Clarine: I will become a Sorcery General like General Cecilia!
Klein: Um…are you serious?
Clarine: Of course! As the Sorcery General, I will help your work as the Archery General, and then we shall always be together!
Klein: Clarine… Let’s try and be a little more realistic…
Clarine: Oh, it would be so wonderful to see us both in the elegant uniform of the Etrurian Generals…
Klein: Clarine… Well, you’re still a little girl, I see.
Clarine: Did you say something?
Klein: No, nothing.