Dayan & Yodel

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Yodel: Are you Dayan, the Silver Wolf?
Dayan: You are not a Sacaean, yet you know my name… Where did you hear about me?
Yodel: Once in the past, I treated a wounded Sacaean. That is when I heard about the unmatched warrior of Sacae. I was expecting someone with white hair like mine.
Dayan: The name ‘Silver Wolf’ comes from our ancestry. Our legends say that our ancestors were wolves.
Yodel: Ah, I see.
Dayan: Do you need something from me? If you wish to preach, I already have a deity to worship.
Yodel: No, I did not come to preach.
Dayan: …Are you sure? Do you not have to serve your god?
Yodel: Of course, my mission is to guide those in need of direction. But you Sacaeans already have the sky and earth to worship. God would not approve of me pushing my beliefs on to you.
Dayan: …I see.

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Dayan: We Sacaeans pray to the Sky and the Earth. The light of day and the darkness of night that engulfs this land… They produce wind, lightning, fire, ice, and many other affinities… Every person on this planet is protected by one of the elements. According to my clan’s beliefs, I am protected by the Anima affinity.
Yodel: I see. Interesting.
Dayan: What do you mean?
Yodel: The Elimine Church has similar beliefs. When the creator made man, he blessed them all with one of the seven affinities. However, those elements…
Dayan: …Those elements hold no power on their own.
Yodel: Exactly.
Dayan: Hm. …Interesting, indeed.
Yodel: Yes. Perhaps… This is one of the truths of the creation of our world.

A Support

Dayan: The seven affinities… Their effects will only appear through bonds with other people. When your heart is linked with someone else’s… That is when the elements reveal their true power.
Yodel: Yes. Saint Elimine also said to cherish your relationships.
Dayan: Hm… I wonder if we have been able to link our hearts with each other.
Yodel: I am sure we have. We have yet to find out what effects it has…