Dieck & Klein

C Support

Klein: Excuse me.
Dieck: Do you need something, General Klein?
Klein: Dieck…you don’t recognize me?
Dieck: …Well, well. I never would’ve thought that you still remember me.
Klein: ! I recognized you at once! You didn’t seem to notice me, so I decided to talk to you…
Dieck: 13 years… Little Master Klein is all grown up, I see.
Klein: You can stop calling me Little Master. I’m already 19 now. I’ve been working as a general under the king himself.
Dieck: Yeah, I know. You’ve become quite an individual. …How are Lord Pent and his wife?
Klein: They’re laid-back as usual. Regardless of the coup d’etat, they still don’t seem to be that concerned at all. I really envy them sometimes.
Dieck: Well, you’ve become pretty impressive yourself.
Klein: What? What do you mean?
Dieck: Well, we can talk about that another time.

*Dieck leaves*

Klein: Dieck! But we just met…

B Support

Dieck: Klein! Don’t come out front that much.
Klein: This is still a safe position.
Dieck: You bowmen should stay in the back and cover for us. There’s no need for you to come out and put yourself in danger.
Klein: Dieck, I told you, I’m not a child any more. Until now, I’ve been leading a squad and fighting in the front all the time.
Dieck: Sorry, but you’re still ‘Little Master Klein’ in my eyes. If I let you get hurt, I wouldn’t know what to say to Lord Pent.
Klein: …If you’re being so considerate, then you should come back to our mansion. Dieck, when this war ends, do you want to return home with me? Father and Mother would certainly appreciate it…
Dieck: Klein, I appreciate your consideration. But if you really care about your household, then you should stop chatting with a lowly mercenary like me. It won’t be good for your future.
Klein: !? What…
Dieck: You’re only talking to me like this because we’re in a war. Got it?
Klein: ……

A Support

Klein: Dieck.
Dieck: …Klein, I told you not to come talk to me this often.
Klein: …I wanted to tell you a story. I want you to listen because we’re in such turbulent times. …It was 15 years ago, at Aquleia’s best arena. A noble’s child was attacked by one of the lions that were to be used in the opening show.
Dieck: ……
Klein: A young pitfighter was the one who saved the child. Ordinarily, he was a skilled swordfighter who would defeat men twice his size with ease. But this time he was up against a lion, so he didn’t come out unscathed. He was wounded all over his body, and his face suffered four deep scars.
Dieck: ……
Klein: The noble hired the swordsman who saved his child into his service. For several years, the young man served as the family’s pitfighter and spread his name at the arena. But one day, he suddenly bought his freedom and left. The child, who looked up to the pitfighter as if he were his real brother thought that he was betrayed, and was saddened.
…But now I understand. You were thinking the best for our family…
Dieck: You… You were much too kind to me, a simple servant. Lord Pent and his wife raised me as if I were their real child, regardless of the complaints and finger-pointing going on around them. …That’s why I left.
Klein: …I understand how you feel. But I don’t agree with you.
Dieck: !?
Klein: You were always thinking the best for us… But did you ever consider the fact that we were concerned for you as well? I don’t want us to be in a relation in which we ignore each other when we meet…
Dieck: …Looks like I was being selfish.
Klein: ! Then you’ll be with us like family again?
Dieck: Yeah, you win, Little Master Klein. I’ll be sure to show my face to Lord Pent whenever I get the chance.