Dieck & Rutger

C Support

Dieck: !
Rutger: …I see you haven’t lost your skill.
Dieck: …Rutger… I keep telling you not to suddenly pop up and attack from behind! Geez, I’d never have enough lives if I had to put up with you.
Rutger: Ha… It’s already decided that I’ll the first one to land a blow on your back.
Dieck: All right, obviously we were out to kill each other when we were on different sides. But why the hell are you trying to slice me in half when we’re on the same side?
Rutger: The others bore me. I need someone of your strength to duel with.
Dieck: So I’m gonna get killed because you’re bored. Wonderful.
Rutger: Oh, sure… As if you’ve ever let my sword touch you.
Dieck: What do you think! I want to live too, you know!
Rutger: I’ll get you next time for sure.
Dieck: Geez…

B Support

Dieck: ……

*Rutger is watching him…*

Dieck: Hey! I thought I told you to stop that! Persistent, aren’t you…!
Rutger: ……
Dieck: …? You seem to be in a bad mood. Did something happen?
Rutger: ……
Dieck: Lemme guess… You found a personal enemy in Bern’s ranks?
Rutger: !
Dieck: Guess I hit the spot. Then how come you’re taking it out on me?
Rutger: …I saw the soldier who led the attack on my hometown, Bulgar. But when I reached him…he was already dead. It was you, Dieck. Those sword marks…it had to be you.
Dieck: …Sorry. If I had known, I would have left him to you.
Rutger: …This is a battlefield. Enemies don’t belong to anybody.
Dieck: Rutger… Can’t you relax a little more?
Rutger: ……

*Rugar leaves*

Dieck: You can’t rush through life…

A Support

Dieck: Rutger, you all right? You don’t look well.
Rutger: …I’m having trouble sleeping.
Dieck: Is it about the leader of the Bulgar attack you saw the other day?
Rutger: …No. Well…maybe. Even after I see him dead, my nightmares still persist. At that attack… They left only me alive… The reason was because I…didn’t look like a Sacae native.
Dieck: Tough to kill someone with the same colored skin. But you do have Sacaean blood in you, don’t you?
Rutger: Yes. My father’s mother and my mother’s father were Sacaean. Bulgar is near Bern’s border, so there are a lot of mixed people there. But usually the Sacaean side is stronger in mixed childrens’ appearanaces. But I… Only in me did the Bern side come out more, so I was kept alive… The people of Bulgar…they were kind to me, even though I looked different… But they…they were killed, so brutally! I must destroy Bern…! That one man isn’t enough to satisfy my revenge…
Dieck: …I thought you had some kind of burden, but now I see it clearly… Well, guess I’ll go along with you.
Rutger: I have no need for sympathy!
Dieck: Come on, you know how strong I am, right? If you really want to take on Bern, then there’s no better ally than me. What do you say?
Rutger: …Suit yourself.
Dieck: And so I will. Well then, let’s go, partner!

*Dieck leaves*

Rutger: Dieck… I’m sorry.