Dieck & Ward

C Support

Dieck: Yo, Ward. Come over here for a sec.
Ward: Eh? Yes?
Dieck: Pay more attention to what’s going on around you. You could have nine lives, and it still wouldn’t be enough, the way you fight.
Ward: But Bro, I’m still alive. With my strength, I can crush anything that crosses my path…
Dieck: The idiots who said that in the past all got killed early on. Don’t worry me so much.
Ward: Well.. If you say so.
Dieck: Got it? Good. You don’t have to go all out all the time.

B Support

Dieck: …Ward.
Ward: Bro! Did you see me just now!? I took on three guys with one swing…
Dieck: Do you even remember what I told you before?
Ward: Huh? Um… Attack?
Dieck: No! I told you to pay more attention to what’s going on around you!
Ward: But Bro, fighting like that just doesn’t sit well with me. I’m getting stronger, too. I’ll get strong enough so I can crush anything that comes at me.

*Ward leaves*

Dieck: Ward! …That kid can’t sit still, can he.

A Support

Ward: Bro…
Dieck: What?
Ward: Sorry, you win. The other day I almost got killed, and then I remembered what you told me. Maybe I was getting carried away…
Dieck: I see.
Ward: So after that, I’ve been following your advice…
Dieck: I can see that you have, ’cause you’re still alive. If you can pay attention to the bigger picture, you won’t get killed so easily. There’s no need to rush. With your strength, you can impress people without always rushing in like that.
Ward: …Bro, you okay? You’re like, praising me. It feels…weird.
Dieck: Ah, shut up. Come on, let’s go.