Dorothy & Percival

C Support

Dorothy: Look out!
Percival: !
Dorothy: I-I-I’m terribly sorry! I was aiming for an enemy, but the arrow flew over here… Oh, what am I going to do? Are you hurt?
Percival: I’m fine, it didn’t even touch me.
Dorothy: I, I… I’m so sorry!
Percival: There is no need to apologize. Things like this often happen on the battlefield.
Dorothy: But…!
Percival: Even if I did get hit your arrow, it would partly be my responsibility for not paying attention to my surroundings.
Dorothy: But…
Percival: Never let your mind wander in battle. That is a rule. So don’t be too upset about it. All right?
Dorothy: …Yes, I understand. I’m probably being more of a nuisance sitting here mulling over it. I’ll try harder next time!

B Support

Dorothy: Sigh… That last shot was just lucky… I have to practice more. Perhaps I should aim more like this… Oh! General Percival!
Percival: Training? Very good.
Dorothy: Y-Yes, thank you! I sometimes make mistakes like I did last time, so I thought I should train myself more so I wouldn’t be a hindrance to everyone else…
Percival: Yes… Dorothy, I’ve been thinking… You should relax a little more when you shoot.
Dorothy: Huh…? You were watching how I fight!?
Percival: I always try to watch and understand how my comrades fight. I was looking for the chance to tell you this, but I can see that you tend to panic when you fight.
Dorothy: I see… Yes, that’s true. I tend to get scared in an actual battle, and I get nervous and can’t move like I normally do…
Percival: …Archers don’t have to come out front, they stay back and cover for us. You must tell yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of. We will defend the front lines.
Dorothy: ! …Yes! I will!

A Support

Dorothy: … Yes! Yes, that was great!
Percival: You seemed to have improved, Dorothy.
Dorothy: General Percival! I’m trying to relax when I shoot, as you said. I think I’m getting a little better at it.
Percival: You originally seemed to have talent with the bow. It was just a matter of getting your confidence together, and now that you have, you’ll be improving more and more fron now on.
Dorothy: I can relax if I think that the others are defending the front lines for me… It seems that I can sometimes feel safe even on the battlefield.
Percival: Ah, but that is the same for us up front as well. We would not be able to charge in like we do if we didn’t have adequate support from the back lines.
Dorothy: …Am I being of use to you too, General Percival?
Percival: Yes, you’re helping me out a great deal. I shall be looking forward to your support in future battles.
Dorothy: Yes!