Dorothy & Yodel

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Dorothy: Bishop Yodel?
Yodel: Ah, Dorothy. You do not look so well. What is the matter?
Dorothy: Do you know why I can’t use the sacred healing staves?
Yodel: Hm…
Dorothy: I want to help injured people by using the staves like Father Saul and you do. I’ve been praying every day, and I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly bad, either.
Yodel: Yes, your faith is an example to us all.
Dorothy: But I still can’t help hurt people… I want to heal them, but I can’t. Will I never have that power? Am I not worthy to be God’s servant?
Yodel: No, that is not the case. Do you know the story of the owl and the eagle, Dorothy?
Dorothy: No, I don’t. Please tell it to me, Bishop Yodel.
Yodel: It is a story of a time when Saint Elimine still walked the earth. One day during Saint Elimine’s journeys, an owl approached her from the forest.
Dorothy: Yes…
Yodel: The owl asked her, ‘I wish to go the land of God. Would you show me the way?’ Saint Elimine thought for a moment, and replied, ‘God’s domain lies high above the clouds. Your wings would not be strong enough to take you there.’ The owl was very disappointed, and returned to the forest.
Dorothy: Poor thing…
Yodel: Yes, indeed. We shall continue the story some other time.
Dorothy: Some other time? Why?
Yodel: Do you not remember the teachings of Saint Elimine? You must not try to understand things in a hurry. You must think over what you are told and develop your own opinions.
Dorothy: Oh…right. Then please continue the story another day, Bishop Yodel.
Yodel: Of course, Dorothy. I promise you that.

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Yodel: …After parting with the owl, Saint Elimine continued on her journey. The next day, an eagle swooped down from the mountain.
Dorothy: Yes…
Yodel: The eagle asked her, ‘I wish to go the land of God. Would you show me the way?’ Saint Elimine thought for a moment, and replied, ‘God’s domain lies in a distant land beyond the night. Your eyes would not be able to guide you through the dark.’ The eagle was very disappointed, and returned to the mountain.
Dorothy: ……
Yodel: However, the sympathetic and kind Saint Elimine could not ignore the two birds. She backtracked, and brought the owl and eagle together. She then told them, ‘Journey to the land of God together.’
Dorothy: Together…
Yodel: Yes. The two birds traveled to God’s land togther. The eagle used his powerful wings to carry the owl, and the owl used his great eyes to guide the eagle through the night. Together, they were able to reach God’s domain. That is the end of the story. Do you understand, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Well… Sort of.

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Dorothy: Bishop Yodel!
Yodel: Yes, Dorothy?
Dorothy: About that story…
Yodel: Yes?
Dorothy: I thought about it, but… I’m not very smart, so I still don’t really get its point… I sort of have an idea of what it might be about, but…
Yodel: Then you have an answer, Dorothy. A story is just a story. It has no definite meaning. Each person interprets the story and comes up with his own answers.
Dorothy: Oh, good. Bishop Yodel, I think I feel better now.
Yodel: Do you? Very good, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Oh, what did Saint Elimine do after that? Does the story continue?
Yodel: Yes, the Journey of Saint Elimine is a long story indeed. The next day when Saint Elimine was continuing her travels…