Ellen & Lugh

C Support

Lugh: Sister! I got the medicine and sheets that you asked for.
Ellen: Thank you, could you leave them there please?
Lugh: Yes. Well then, I have to get going.
Ellen: Wait!
Lugh: ? Yes?
Ellen: Are you an assistant to the transporter?
Lugh: No, I’m fighting as well.
Ellen: What? A child like you…in battle?
Lugh: I may be still a kid, but I’m pretty handy with my magic, you know!
Ellen: No, I wasn’t doubting your ability… It’s just that…children shouldn’t be on the battlefield.
Lugh: I’m only 2 years younger than Master Roy, though.
Ellen: Master Roy…well, he has no choice. But that’s not the case for you.
Lugh: No, I’m no different. I have a reason to fight, too.
Ellen: But…!
Lugh: Thanks for being concerned about me. But I’ll be fine. Oh, I have to go! I’m in the middle of an errand. See you later, Sister!

*Lugh leaves*

Ellen: ……

B Support

Ellen: Do you have a moment?
Lugh: Oh, the Sister from the other day!
Ellen: I am Ellen.
Lugh: I’m Lugh.
Ellen: You’re really fighting in the battlefield… Are you all right? Are you injured?
Lugh: I’m fine. I’m small, but I’m pretty fast.
Ellen: Lugh… I’m still worried about sending such a small child like you into battle…
Lugh: Do I look so small? Well if I look at it, it’s just as dangerous to send a lady like you into the battlefield.
Ellen: That…may be true, but…
Lugh: That’s right! So if you’re ever in danger, I’ll protect you. You can count on me!
Ellen: All right, Lugh. But please don’t do anything rash.

A Support

Lugh: Miss Ellen!
Ellen: Lugh? What’s wrong?
Lugh: I-I thought I saw an enemy near you, so… Phew… But I guess I was wrong. Thank goodness.
Ellen: You were looking out for me? Thank you.
Lugh: Of course! I said I would protect you.
Ellen: You have such a kind heart… I’m sure God would look favorably on you.
Lugh: … When you smile like that, you look like a saint!
Ellen: A saint? Me?
Lugh: Yes. I was also worried because you always seem to look a little sad. Well, I suppose it can’t be helped in a time like this… But I feel so much better when you smile like that!
Ellen: Lugh, I feel better when I see you smile as well.