Ellen & Saul

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Ellen: Are you Father Saul? I am Ellen, a Sister of the Elimine Church in Bern. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
Saul: Dear God…
Ellen: Uh…Father Saul?
Saul: I must be blessed to be able to meet such a beautiful lady. And you are a follower of the Elimine Church as well! This must surely be fate. Please, let us meet this evening and we shall discuss the love of God in great depth.
Ellen: Yes, I would love to. Shall we set up a time now? Any time would work for me…
Saul: …… Are you serious?
Ellen: You are going to talk about God’s love, are you not? Why would I even think of refusing?
Saul: But… If you accept so easily, there’s no…satisfaction.
Ellen: Satisfaction?
Saul: Oh! Please, never mind. But Ellen, are you sure? I am actually rather loose around women, and I may do something undesirable to you…
Ellen: No, that will not happen. You are a priest. You will surely not do anything like that.
Saul: …Er… I’m sorry, perhaps some other day.
Ellen: Oh… I was looking forward to it…

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Saul: Why, hello, Ellen.
Ellen: Good day, Father Saul. It is good to see you safe.
Saul: …You are so tense, so uptight! No, that will not do. You must relax your muscles a little.
Ellen: …Do you think so?
Saul: Yes. Those serving God must be more laid-back and be able to enjoy the finer things in life, like I am.
Ellen: Yes… But…
Saul: I once knew a lady just like you. …Well, she rejected me, but… Anyway, if you really wish to serve God, then you will see many, many things in this journey. Many things… Things that you would not believe.
Ellen: Yes…
Saul: Life is all about experience. Now then, shall we get back to our little evening talk? This evening would be great.
Ellen: Yes, I would love to hear you.
Saul: Then…
Ellen: Then I shall invite the others as well.
Saul: …Excuse me? The others?
Ellen: Yes. If you’re going to preach, then it would be that much better if there were more people listening. I’m sure Master Roy, Merlinus, and also Princess Guinevere would be interested. I shall go ask them if they have any plans tonight.

*Ellen leaves*

Saul: …… Well… What to do?

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Ellen: Father Saul… Why did you not come that night? Everyone was looking forward very much to your preaching…
Saul: Oh, um… My throat wasn’t doing too well that day. We can do that some other time.
Ellen: Yes. Father Saul, you are really a noble person.
Saul: …Excuse me? Noble?
Ellen: Yes. Usually, you appear to be an impious, improper womanizer. Hardly someone I would call a priest.
Saul: ……
Ellen: But I finally realized that there was a complicated reason to that. You were putting on a show to show how free the Elimine Church is.
Saul: Ah… I, uh…see.
Ellen: Acting like that would naturally cause misunderstandings… Everyone thinks you’re just a lazy man always chasing after women…
Saul: ……
Ellen: But you purposely walk that path for the benefit of the Church. I
surely could not do the same. I sincerely respect you, Father Saul.
Saul: Er… Well, anyway, remember to relax once in a while, all right?
Ellen: Yes, Father Saul.