Elphin & Cecilia

C Support

Cecilia: Pr… Prince Mildain…?
Elphin: ……
Cecilia: Your Majesty! You were alive!?
Elphin: …… Have you mistaken me for someone? I am Elphin…a simple bard.
Cecilia: No… You are…! But… No, it can’t be…
Elphin: Excuse me?
Cecilia: No…nothing.
Elphin: …Then I shall be off now.

*Elphin leaves*

Cecilia: …He… He looks just like him. …Too much like him…

B Support

Cecilia: Elphin!
Elphin: …Can I help you, General Cecilia?
Cecilia: Have you ever visited Etruria?
Elphin: Not yet… I have been traveling through the Western Isles.
Cecilia: Then do you know about the three Etrurian Generals?
Elphin: …Yes, I do. There is you, the Sorcery General, in addition to the Great General and the Knight General.
Cecilia: You are very knowledgeable.
Elphin: As a bard, it is only natural that I would hear about such things.
Cecilia: …… You insist on playing dumb, do you? Then I have an idea as well.
Elphin: ……
Cecilia: Let me see your right shoulder that you are conveniently hiding with your long hair. If you are but a simple bard as you say, then there wouldn’t be a scar from taking a powerful magic hit, now, would there? May I have a look…?
Elphin: …… Persistent, aren’t you, Cecilia?
Cecilia: ! It is you, Prince Mildain! What happened? Why did you not tell me that you were alive?
Elphin: …I did not want to get you caught up in this…but it seems I have no choice now.

A Support

Cecilia: ……
Elphin: Cecilia… How much longer are you going to stay upset?
Cecilia: I understand why you were hiding your identity from me, prince.
Elphin: Thank you, Cecilia.
Cecilia: But, your Majesty, you told Lord Douglas. Did you not have enough trust in me to let me know as well?
Elphin: That’s not what I intended…
Cecilia: I shall let it go for now, your Majesty. I will be looking forward to your explanation after the war.
Elphin: …Scary, as always.
Cecilia: Of course. You have saddened not only me, but your people as well. Please show our people that you are safe, your Majesty. Please…
Elphin: Yes… I know, Cecilia.