Elphin & Douglas

C Support

Douglas: Prince Mildain…! What is wrong!? Your eyes…?
Elphin: That voice… Is it Douglas?
Douglas: Can you not see, your Majesty? I thought your eyes had recovered…
Elphin: I still temporarily go blind sometimes… I will be fine once I rest for a while.
Douglas: …I heard that the side effects of the poison had blinded you for several months… Forgive me, my prince… If only I had been on my guard, you would never have suffered this horrible fate…
Elphin: …I wonder how…my father is doing. …Is he still in the same state?
Douglas: I regret to say that he is, your Majesty. He does not know of your safety yet.
Elphin: ……
Douglas: But I am sure the life will return to him once you return to the palace in one piece, Prince Mildain. He will recover…and so will our nation.

B Support

Douglas: My prince, the balance of power on this continent has been changing drastically due to General Roy’s tactics.
Elphin: Yes…so it seems.
Douglas: It will not be long before this army conquers the entire continent. I believe that that would be the perfect time to announce your succession to the throne…
Elphin: Douglas… About that.
Douglas: Yes, Prince Mildain?
Elphin: I have hesitations about returning to Etruria…
Douglas: What are you saying!? Our people are all anxious about your safety…
Elphin: Douglas. After I went to the Western Isles and joined the rebels, I learned much. Too much, in fact. I witnessed innocent civilians being treated like animals under corrupt Etrurian landlords. If I hadn’t been caught up in the assassination, I probably never would have known.
Douglas: Then that is all the more reason to use that experience to fix those problems…
Elphin: I promise I will return to the palace. But… Right now, I want to be with the people and watch over them.

A Support

Douglas: Prince Mildain…
Elphin: Don’t call me that… I am a simple bard here. I am not your prince, and you are not my general. You don’t mind that just for now, do you?
Douglas: …Yes. Then I shall pledge my loyalty to you as another human being, not as a general.
Elphin: …It is ever so hard to bend your ways.
Douglas: My unbending will is my strength.
Elphin: …This war will soon. General Roy is still young, but he understands the people. He will lead not only Etruria, but the whole continent to a Golden Age of peace.
Douglas: Yes.
Elphin: I should do something as well, don’t you think?
Douglas: I shall accompany you wherever you go.