Elphin & Fa

C Support

Fa: ……
Elphin: ? …Do you need something?
Fa: ! Um… What’s that thing there? It’s making pretty sounds.
Elphin: This is a harp. Do you like how it sounds?
Fa: Yeah! Fa really likes it! And … What’s your name?
Elphin: My name is Elphin, my cute little lady.
Fa: Elf…?
Elphin: Elphin.
Fa: Elphin!
Elphin: That’s right.
Fa: Fa likes you, too, Elphin! Your hair blows in the wind, and it’s like gold when the sun’s all shining on it! Fa likes pretty things like that!
Elphin: Well, it is an honor. Thank you.
Fa: Can Fa come and see you again?
Elphin: Of course. Any time.

B Support

Fa: Elphin!
Elphin: Ah, the cute little lady from the other day. Hello.
Fa: … Fa’s name’s not ‘cute little lady!’
Elphin: Oh, pardon me. Then…shall I call you Miss Fa?
Fa: Fa’s name’s not ‘Missfa!’ It’s Fa!
Elphin: As you wish, Fa. Fa…the name has a unique feel to it. Is it your real name?
Fa: No, Fa’s real name is verrry long. But they say that it’s a sound that humans can’t hear. Fa’s the only part that you can.
Elphin: I see.
Fa: But maybe you could hear it, Elphin! You make so many pretty sounds, maybe you could hear Fa’s real name!
Elphin: Shall we try some time?
Fa: Yeah!

A Support

Fa: Elphin?
Elphin: Yes, what is it, Fa?
Fa: Fa always wanted to ask you something.
Elphin: What is it? I hope I can give you an answer.
Fa: Um… are you a girl or a boy?
Elphin: …Which do you think?
Fa: Fa thought you were a girl at first cause you’re so pretty and you smell real nice! But then Roy said the other day that you were a man… So that makes you a boy?
Elphin: Yes, I am a boy. …Were you disappointed?
Fa: Nope! … Sooo, you’re a boy… Heehee…
Elphin: Hm? What’s the matter?
Fa: Hey, Fa’s gonna get as pretty as you when she grows up. So wait till then, okay? Promise!

*Fa leaves*

Elphin: Fa! Wait! …I seriously doubt that I will still be alive by the time she grows up… Well, I suppose I should let it go for now.