Fa & Niime

C Support

Fa: La la laaa… Oh… a flower!

*Fa leaves, Niime appears*

Niime: So that’s a Dragon…mankind’s archenemy… But something’s…strange… The Dragons in the ancient scrolls weren’t like that at all. They were much more…ferocious, and inhuman.

*Fa appears*

Fa: Hm?
Niime: …!
Fa: Who are you?
Niime: M-Me? …I am Niime.
Fa: Niime?
Niime: That’s right… Oh, I must be off. I had things to do.

*Niime leaves*

Fa: ?

B Support

Niime: Fa.
Fa: Granny Niime!
Niime: Granny, eh… You’re actually several hundred years older than I am.
Fa: ?
Niime: Well, no matter… Here, Fa, take a look at this gemstone.
Fa: What is it?
Niime: Once upon a time, humans and…demons lived in this land. The demons used their immense power to destroy the humans. The weak humans could do nothing but watch as the bodies piled up… And then one day… Eight bright columns of light were born that would defeat the demons.
Fa: Were they pretty lights?
Niime: Yes. …The humans used the lights to fight the demons. After a long and devastating battle…the demons were finally defeated. But that wasn’t the end…
Fa: Mmm… … … Fa’s all sleepy now…

*Fa falls asleep*

Niime: So… This is the enemy of mankind, eh? She doesn’t seem to have a worry in the world… …How cute…

A Support

Fa: Granny Niime.
Niime: Ah, hello, Fa.
Fa: What’s wrong?
Niime: Hm… Do you remember the story I told you the other day of men and demons?
Fa: Um… Yeah! The pretty lights!
Niime: To tell the truth… I was afraid of those demons. After I studied dark magic and mankind’s history… Only then did I discover just how powerful and terrifying the demons were.
Fa: Yeah.
Niime: But… After meeting you, my fear seems to have gone right out the window.
Fa: ?
Niime: It’s nothing. Well, my long stories must be boring you. Here, go play with this.
Fa: Yay!

*Fa leaves*

Niime: What a fool I was… I was willing to do terrible things to an innocent little girl for peace and the safety of our race… What was I thinking… There’s no point in peace obtained through such hideous means.