Fir & Karel

C Support

Fir: Uncle!
Karel: Ah, Fir.
Fir: Please let me stay with you and learn from your mastery of the sword!
Karel: Suit yourself.
Fir: Thank you! …But… It doesn’t feel right that you are staying here partnering with me. I’m still a novice, but you’re the strongest member of our army!
Karel: ……
Fir: They don’t know how powerful you are! Once they see the true strength of the Sword Saint, then they’ll…
Karel: Fir.
Fir: Y-Yes?
Karel: Your heart is wandering.
Fir: I… I respect you so much, so…
Karel: It is pointless to marvel over one’s power. That is not the kind of strength that I seek.
Fir: …Yes, Uncle.

B Support

Fir: Uncle…
Karel: What is it, Fir?
Fir: Please, teach me your way of the sword.
Karel: ……
Fir: I want to know how you gained your power. I want to master the sword like you have.
Karel: The way of the sword…
Fir: Yes!
Karel: That isn’t something that can be taught, Fir.
Fir: What…?
Karel: A sword is simply a sword. It is a weapon used to kill people.
Fir: That… That’s not true!
Karel: There’s no strength in this piece of metal. I have lived by the sword ever since I was born, but my blade never gained any power.
Fir: ……
Karel: True strength is not the power of a weapon. It is something that cannot be seen. We all have it within us. Including you, Fir.
Fir: M-Me…?

A Support

Fir: Please tell me, Uncle!
Karel: ……
Fir: What is true strength…? What is the way…? What…what must I do?
Karel: …Fir. You were always looking at your mother’s back and following after her.
Fir: ……
Karel: And now, you come to me for advice because you have lost sight of your mother.
Fir: …Yes.
Karel: But, Fir. You are not your mother, nor are you me. The path which you seek does not lie behind us. It lies in front of you. It is you who must cut open that path for yourself.
Fir: In front…of me?
Karel: That isn’t something that can be taught. It is something which you must discover on your own.
Fir: …Yes. Thank you, Uncle!