Geese & Cath

C Support

Cath: Hey, you’re a pirate, right?
Geese: Hm? Yeah…I guess. That’s what I look like, huh? Man…
Cath: ?
Geese: I used to be a seagoing merchant.
Cath: Really? You must’ve made a lot of money, then. Lucky you. Oh, well, I guess we poor people have to just keeping working hard…
Geese: Wait a sec.
Cath: Huh?
Geese: What’s my bag doing in your hand?
Cath: …… Y-You’re pretty perceptive, aren’t you?
Geese: …Gee, thanks.
Cath: Hmm… All right! There’s no treasure I can’t steal! Be ready the next time we meet!

B Support

Cath: Hey, Geeeeese.
Geese: Yeah?
Cath: Ohhhh… I think I’m drunk…
Geese: ……
Cath: Can you stay and revive me? Come on…
Geese: …Hey.
Cath: Yeah?
Geese: Were you hit with a Berserk staff or something?
Cath: Huh?
Geese: Whatever you’re doing, it’s not very convincing at all.
Cath: What!? You withstood my seduction moves!? You’re no ordinary man!
Geese: …Gee, thanks. But you know, you’re really not suited for that role.
Cath: I-I know that! I was just testing you! I’ll get serious next time. I’ll take your stuff without you even noticing!
Geese: Uh-huh. Good luck.

A Support

Cath: Geese!
Geese: Yeah?
Cath: Doesn’t this look familiar?
Geese: Hey, that’s my…
Cath: Hehe, guess you weren’t so good after all! There’s no treasure I can’t steal!
Geese: Sigh…
Cath: Well, let’s see now. What have we got in here? … … … … What… What the heck!? This is nothing but junk!
Geese: It’s not junk. Maps, compasses… It’s equipment you need for sailing.
Cath: What about the treasure!? Where’s the treasure!?
Geese: Hahaha, there never was any treasure! I’m broke. Drowning in debt, to tell you the truth. I got nothing you can steal!
Cath: Erg… How come you’re bragging like that? You’re broke!
Geese: I’ve got a dream. I’m gonna go back to being a trader and hit a jackpot. You’ll see, I’ll fill my ship with riches in no time. Then you’ll have something to steal!
Cath: …… Did… Did I lose? Are you a big shot? …Or just an idiot?