Geese & Douglas

C Support

Douglas: Geese.
Geese: Hey… Long time no see.
Douglas: I want to thank you for what you’ve done. I understand that you safely escorted Pr-… I mean, Elphin to the Western Isles.
Geese: Yeah, I did what I could. That bard was an interesting guy. The girl he was with was seasick the whole time, though.
Douglas: I see… Geese, I must apologize. I’ve misjudged you.
Geese: What?
Douglas: Since the assassins were after Elphin, I couldn’t put him on a large commercial ship. That would be the first place they would look. So I had to ask you. But I can’t say that I fully trusted you, a pirate. However, you kept your word.
Geese: Hey… No problem.
Douglas: You could have turned him in to the Revolutionaries and gotten a hefty reward. Why did you choose to help him? It didn’t make you any money.
Geese: …Well, it never feels bad to save someone, does it? You can’t say the same about piracy.

B Support

Geese: Hey.
Douglas: Geese, I must give you some sort of reward.
Geese: Reward?
Douglas: You have been a great help to my country. I can give you anything you ask.
Geese: What’re you talking about… I already got the payment you promised me.
Douglas: No… That is not sufficient reward. You are a hero to the Etrurian people.
Geese: Hero? That guy’s just a bard, right? I was surprised when he turned out to be the liberator of the Western Isles, but…
Douglas: Geese… I must tell you something. …… …Hmm…
Geese: Yeah?
Douglas: …I’m sorry. I cannot tell you yet.
Geese: Geez…make up your mind.
Douglas: Anyway… I hear that you have helped the people of the Western Isles as well. Both our king and prince had wished them to be freed. So…
Geese: Well… Sorry, but I don’t really give a damn about politics or other nations’ statures or anything like that. I just wanted to do something for the village that helped me out.

A Support

Geese: …You’re not gonna leave me alone, are you?
Douglas: Of course not. You have done me a great favor. I would be dishonoring my family’s name if I didn’t return it.
Geese: Oh, man, you knights are so hard-headed. I swear, if you found 1G on the street, you wouldn’t dare pocket it.
Douglas: Geese…
Geese: Sigh… Fine, let me think… …All right, here’s what I want. I want you and your king to make your country a good one. Make it a nation that won’t go around causing stupid wars. And make it a nation where people can travel and do business safely. I’m gonna go bankrupt if you don’t do that for me.
Douglas: …Geese… You deserve much better than being a pirate. I will promise to fulfill your requests. I shall swear my life to them!