Geese & Echidna

C Support

Echidna: Hey, you.
Geese: Yeah?
Echidna: You can drive a ship, right? I want to ask a favor.
Geese: From me?
Echidna: Yeah. We’re planning on building a new village on the Western Isles. What I want you to do is to use your ship to carry the people there. I’ll pay you well.
Geese: …A ship, huh?
Echidna: What’s the matter? You can drive one, right?
Geese: …Yeah, I sure can. I was once the captain of a trading vessel. There’s no ocean I haven’t seen yet.
Echidna: …Then why did you become a pirate?
Geese: I couldn’t continue my business in this war. We had no choice, so I persuaded the boys, saying that we were going to become pirates.
Echidna: Uh-huh.
Geese: But we were originally just ordinary seafarers. We didn’t like fighting or robbing, or any of that stuff. Anyway, when we were prepared and finally set off as pirates, everyone started complaining of stomach aches, and seasickness, and everything.
Echidna: Well, well. It’s amazing you got this far.
Geese: Yeah, well, I wasn’t doing it because I liked it…

B Support

Geese: Even if I say we were pirates, we were just amateurs. …We figured we’d go for easy targets first, so we picked a small trading ship as our first one. We were able to take over the ship without much of a fight, but…
Echidna: But what?
Geese: We couldn’t find any treasure at all. The captain of the ship told me that he was in the same situation that I was. He said that he wasn’t doing well, either, so he might have to resort to piracy, just like us…
Echidna: And?
Geese: We let them go. I couldn’t steal from them after hearing that.
Echidna: A nice pirate, eh? How ever would you survive?
Geese: …Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. So anyway, we decided to go after a bigger ship next. We figured we could steal a little from the rich and no one would be hurt. A few days later, we were lucky enough to come across a large trading vessel.
Echidna: Yeah?
Geese: We didn’t have to hold back this time. We charged the ship… But when got close, suddenly the enemy ship’s deck started swarming with ballistas and archers. It was one of Bern’s battleships.
Echidna: My, my.
Geese: We were shot at mercilessly, and they chased us for three days and nights. We somehow got away, but the ship was wrecked. We weren’t making any money, either. Some of the boys started crying. Hell, even I felt like crying that time.
Echidna: Poor thing.
Geese: Well, like I said, I wasn’t doing it because I liked it…

A Support

Echidna: Hm? What’s that? A map?
Geese: This is the one prize that I’ve gotten so far as a pirate. I found it when we were battling another band.
Echidna: I see.
Geese: See the skull mark here? It means that there’s treasure buried there.
Echidna: And did you find it?
Geese: I haven’t gone looking for it yet. Once this war ends, I’ll be a merchant again. If what this map says is true, I can go get the treasure and travel the seas once more.
Echidna: ……
Geese: I don’t have any money left. I even went into debt to feed the guys. If this map’s a fake, then I’ll have to let go of my ship forever. …I can’t help but hesitate when I think of that possibility.
Echidna: Uh-huh. But you know that no amount of praying or worrying is gonna get you that treasure, right? You have to take action.
Geese: …Yeah. You’re right.
Echidna: Even if that map’s a fake, there’ll be other treasures out there. Anyway, you’re helping us out by carrying the residents to our new village, right? I’m counting on you. Show me your ship some time.
Geese: You got it. You can count on me.