Gonzales & Dayan

C Support

Gonzales: Hey… What’s that?
Dayan: Hm? Have you not seen eastern bows before? This is a bow we use for training.
Gonzales: C-Can I see?
Dayan: All right, here. Try pulling the string.
Gonzales: Like this?
Dayan: Hm, you’re incredibly strong. A normal man wouldn’t be able to pull it at all.
Gonzales: I-I so strong.
Dayan: Now, try shooting an arrow.
Gonzales: ?
Dayan: First, you put an arrow here…
Gonzales: Put arrow here…
Dayan: Now let go.
Gonzales: Let go… Argh.

*Gonzales falls over*

Dayan: Gonzales! Are you all right?
Gonzales: Arrow hit me…

B Support

Dayan: Let me see your head. Yes…it looks fine now.
Gonzales: Uh… No more bow for me. What’s that horse? Strange hair color.
Dayan: Ah, it looks different from the horses where you come from, doesn’t it? We can survive in Sacae thanks to these horses. We have no trouble keeping up with the mounts that foreign knights ride.
Gonzales: I-I want to ride… Gah.

*Gonzales gets kicked off the screen*

Dayan: Gonzales! Are you all right? Horses are very sensitive to people standing behind them. You have to be careful.
Gonzales: …Ow…

A Support

Dayan: I’m sorry, Gonzales. It seems that whenever you’re with me, you get injured.
Gonzales: It’s okay.
Dayan: Here, I’ll give you this as an apology.
Gonzales: What’s this?
Dayan: That’s a headdress that we of the Kutolah clan wear. It would suit a fine warrior like you very nicely.
Gonzales: …Thank you.
Dayan: Take this as well. It’s a wine made from horse milk. We Sacaeans drink it at festivities.
Gonzales: I happy. I drink.

*Gonzales drinks the wine*

Dayan: Wait, don’t drink so much…
Gonzales: Uh? Uhhhhhhh?

*Gonzales collapses*

Dayan: Gonzales! Can you get up? This wine is very strong. You shouldn’t drink so much of it at once.
Gonzales: Uhhhhh…