Gonzales & Echidna

C Support

Echidna: Whoa.
Gonzales: Uh?
Echidna: Hey, what’s your name?
Gonzales: I Gonzales.
Echidna: Gonzales? My God, you’re huge. And look at your build. You must be able to pull trees right out of the ground.
Gonzales: I…?
Echidna: Hmm, this is quite a find. There’s no way I’m letting you go.
Gonzales: Uh…what? …I go now.
Echidna: Hey, wait a minute.

B Support

Gonzales: Uh…
Echidna: Hey, wait! I need a favor from you.
Gonzales: …Me?
Echidna: Right. It has to be you. You see, there’s gonna be a new village built on the Western Isles.
Gonzales: Village…
Echidna: There are lots of people who lost their homes because of the war. Some of them from the rebel group that I was with.
Gonzales: Lost home…
Echidna: So, we’ve decided to build a village for those people. And we need help, you see. It’d be really great if we get some strong men like you. What do you say? If you sign up now, you’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner, five days a week.
Gonzales: But… I ugly… I can’t stay with people. They not like me…
Echidna: Haha, don’t be ridiculous. Just try carrying in a couple of huge logs with that strength of yours. Everyone’ll love you.
Gonzales: Love me…? I help you.

A Support

Echidna: Hey.
Gonzales: Uh… What… What’s your name?
Echidna: Oh, right. I hadn’t told you yet. I’m…
Gonzales: No… I dumb. I can’t remember things… …And I ugly. Everyone looks at me… I ugly, dumb…
Echidna: …My, my. Look, Gonzales, you have to have more confidence in yourself. Yeah, you have a scary face, and you’re a bit dumber than most others. But so what?
Gonzales: Uh…?
Echidna: All right, Gonzales. I don’t believe in that ‘As long as you have a kind heart…’ crap. You’re ugly. People made fun of you because of it.
Gonzales: Uh…
Echidna: But that doesn’t mean you should just give up. You should look over yourself carefully, and find something that only you have. You’ll eventually find something that’s unique to you.
Gonzales: To me…
Echidna: Right, unique to you. If you have that, no one’ll be making fun of you any more. You won’t have to belittle yourself all the time. You can stand proud.
Gonzales: U…Unique…? …… I go think. My head hurts…
Echidna: Hahaha… Take all the time you need.