Hugh & Niime

C Support

Hugh: ……
Niime: Hm…? Do I see someone so foolish as to walk by me without saying a word? Whoever it is, he seems to have a death wish.
Hugh: O-Oh! H-Hey, Grandma! What a coincidence!
Niime: Don’t give me that rubbish! Hiding as soon as you see me, are you? You seem be as shy as always.
Hugh: Well, Grandma, you seem to be all strong and healthy… You don’t plan on dying any time soon, do you?
Niime: Hmph! I can’t be dropping dead leaving a pathetic grandson like you on his own. And? It’s been three years since I sent you out to study dark magic. I hope you have good excuse for that stench of anima magic that you’re surrounding yourself with.
Hugh: Well, I became a mage.
Niime: …Am I finally losing my hearing? I thought I heard you say ‘mage.’
Hugh: I said, I became an anima magic user!
Niime: You…pathetic idiot! And you dare show your face in front of me!?
Hugh: Help! Murder!
Niime: Idiot…
Hugh: Hey, where are you going, Grandma?
Niime: I’m going insane talking to you. You’d better not show me that pathetic face of yours for a long time.

*Niime leaves*

Hugh: …I thought she was gonna beat me to a pulp. Well, either she’s just gotten old, or she was just stunned at how handsome her grandson’s become. Either way, lucky me!

B Support

Niime: Hugh!
Hugh: Grandma! ……
Niime: …What are you doing?
Hugh: Huh? Oh, I’m just bracing myself so I’ll be prepared to run when you blast me with your magic.
Niime: …You really are an idiot.
Hugh: What do you mean, an idiot? Come on, I’m your only grandson!
Niime: Yes, unfortunately you are. Well, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Anyway, I need something from you.
Hugh: Really? That’s a surprise.
Niime: Give me back that Resire book I gave you when I sent you out. You don’t need it any more.
Hugh: Ulp…
Niime: You do have it…don’t you?
Hugh: Erg…
Niime: Hugh, those books are hard to get! If you’re telling me you sold it or something…
Hugh: Wait! No no no! I didn’t sell it! I gave it away!
Niime: What!? Can’t you think of a better excuse?
Hugh: It’s not an excuse! I met this kid who was studying dark magic, and we traveled together for a while. I found out the kid was an orphan, so I kinda felt sympathetic, I guess. Anyway, one morning when I woke up, the kid was gone, and so was the spell book!
Niime: So you didn’t give it away, but you got it stolen by a child.
Hugh: I guess you could put it that way, too.
Niime: That’s the only way you’d put it!
Hugh: …… H-Hey, Grandma. I can leave you alone if your head hurts.
Niime: …Yes. I wouldn’t be able to face your deceased parents if I let my anger get to me and blast you to smithereens.
Hugh: ! S-See ya!

*Hugh leaves*

Niime: He’s just like his father… He tries to be bad, but he can’t deny his kind heart. …Why couldn’t he inherit his talent for dark magic as well?

A Support

Hugh: Grandma!
Niime: What.
Hugh: Was my old man good at dark magic? I don’t really remember.
Niime: …Why?
Hugh: Well, I was actually trying to study dark magic at first. But I couldn’t seem to pick it up at all, while that kid I was talking about was doing great just learning on his own. So I thought that maybe I didn’t have the talent, so I switched to anima magic. But the thing is, how can I not have talent when I have your blood? So I was wondering if my old man had the talent or not.
Niime: Your father had more talent for dark magic than you could ever hope for.
Hugh: What? That makes no sense. …Wait. I get it! That’s it!
Niime: What are you thinking now?
Hugh: I’m not your real grandson, right!? O-Ow! What did you do that for!?
Niime: I’m expressing my disgust at your stupidity. You are indeed my grandson. I’m the one who brought you into this world.
Hugh: You’re kidding! My good looks couldn’t have come from your wrinkled old face.
Niime: I was a stunning beauty when I was your age. I would date men like you and dump them after they had spent all of their money on me.
Hugh: Ouch…
Niime: Your kindness comes from your father, and your talent for anima magic comes from your mother. Your stupidity… That’s probably from your grandfather.
Hugh: What? My mom wasn’t a Shaman?
Niime: At first, I was determined to make my son’s wife a Shaman. But your mother was a fine young lady with a distinct talent for anima magic, so I couldn’t help but give in. …I was proud of them both… But they died so young.
Hugh: You must be disappointed that all you have left is a pathetic little grandson, eh, Grandma?
Niime: …… The strange thing is, I’m not. I can’t say how much I missed yelling at you while you were gone. Maybe they really are cuter when they’re more troublesome. I certainly want you to live a long and fulfilling life, Hugh.
Hugh: …Grandma.