Igrene & Douglas

C Support

Igrene: Excuse me. Are you Lord Douglas of Etruria?
Douglas: Yes, that is me.
Igrene: So you are the Great General?
Douglas: I am but a simple soldier now.
Igrene: I see… I am Igrene, guardian of Arcadia, in Nabata.
Douglas: Nabata…
Igrene: Yes. I fend off invaders in the desert heat.
Douglas: I see. And do you need something from me?
Igrene: I wish for you to promise me to never attack Nabata.
Douglas: …I cannot promise you that.
Igrene: Why not?
Douglas: We are knights… If the king orders an attack, we must oblige.
Igrene: Even if you know it to be wrong?
Douglas: That is part of being a knight.
Igrene: ……

B Support

Igrene: Lord Douglas, about the other day… Can you not promise me as a nation to never attack Nabata?
Douglas: ……
Igrene: But you have so much wealth… Why can you not promise?
Douglas: …Things can happen even without the king’s orders.
Igrene: What does that mean…?
Douglas: Etruria is a huge country supported by various families of nobility. Not all of such nobles are kind at heart. If such people take over the court, there is nothing that the king or I can do.
Igrene: But what is there to gain in a barren desert like Nabata?
Douglas: It is not about gain… They simply want someone to show their power to. They do not feel their worth unless they have someone to step on. I hear that the people in the Western Isles suffered from similar power abuse.
Igrene: ……

A Support

Douglas: Igrene.
Igrene: What is it, Lord Douglas?
Douglas: …I said this before, but as an Etrurian general, I cannot promise what you ask.
Igrene: ……
Douglas: However, I will do my best to fulfill your request. I shall spread the word that among the heroes who rescued the king were warriors from Nabata. I will persuade the nobles to never disturb your peace in Arcadia.
Igrene: …I shall remember those words. I suppose that is all I can ask of you for now.
Douglas: Forgive me.