Igrene & Fa

C Support

Igrene: Fa.
Fa: Igrene! Look, look! A butterfly!!
Igrene: Fa, shouldn’t you be doing something else? Didn’t Master Roy give you a task to do?
Fa: Roy’s orders are no fun.
Igrene: Fa, you should be doing what you’re told.
Fa: Aww… But Fa doen’t want to.
Igrene: Fa.
Fa: …Er…
Igrene: Say you’re sorry.
Fa: …Fa’s sorry.
Igrene: Look, Fa. You promised Roy that you would do what he asked, right? If you make a promise, you have to keep it. Okay?
Fa: Okay…
Igrene: Good girl. Well, then, let’s go.
Fa: Yeah.

B Support

Igrene: Come here, Fa. I’ll braid your hair for you.
Fa: Yay!
Igrene: Do you like having your hair touched, Fa?
Fa: Yes! … Igrene, is Fa gonna get pretty?
Igrene: Yes. You have such lovely hair… You’ll become very beautiful when you grow up.
Fa: Like you?
Igrene: Well… I suppose.
Fa: Yay! Hey, Igrene?
Igrene: Fa, hold still.
Fa: Okay.
Igrene: ……
Fa: What’s wrong? Do your hands hurt?
Igrene: Oh, I’m sorry… I was just remembering my daughter. She was a very attractive little girl, much like you.
Fa: What happened to her?
Igrene: She’s gone… She went to a faraway place.

A Support

Fa: Igrene!
Igrene: Yes, Fa?
Fa: You were talking about your little girl the other day.
Igrene: Yes.
Fa: Fa knows her.
Igrene: What?
Fa: She used to come play with Fa. When Fa was all alone in her room, she came with Sofiya to play and tell Fa about the outside.
Igrene: ……
Fa: She said you were the ‘Guardian.’
Igrene: I see…
Fa: But… She stopped coming to play with Fa. Fa asked Sofiya about her, but she wouldn’t tell. Is it Fa’s fault? Was Fa a bad girl to her? Did Fa make her get angry and go to the faraway place?
Igrene: No…that’s not the case. She was never mad at you, Fa. She just can’t play with you any more. But… She’ll always be very fond of you, Fa.
Fa: Really?
Igrene: Yes… Of course.