Klein & Elphin

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Elphin: That was a rough battle, master. Would you care for a song to soothe your tired heart?
Klein: Oh, you’re… You’re the bard that is always with General Roy.
Elphin: Yes. My name is Elphin.
Klein: …Elphin, might you be… No…that’s impossible. Forgive me, please forget it.
Elphin: …I look very much like someone you know… Am I right?
Klein: ! It…can’t be.
Elphin: Here I am standing right in front you, telling you myself, yet you do not believe me. Did my servants only have so much trust in me, Klein?
Klein: Prince Mildain! It is you! Oh…! I’m so glad you’re in one piece, Your Majesty!
Elphin: You seem to have grown while I was gone.
Klein: Etruria has changed greatly during the year that you were gone, Your Majesty.
Elphin: Yes, I know. I am sorry I put you through it.
Klein: Well, I was stationed in the Western Isles, so it didn’t affect me that much… But…you’re really alive… I’m sure our people will welcome your return!
Elphin: ……

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Klein: Pr-… I mean, Master Elphin! There you are.
Elphin: …General Klein, might you spare a moment?
Klein: Yes? What is it?
Elphin: …Master.
Klein: Master? What do you mean?
Elphin: …You don’t understand?
Klein: …… Have I…done something wrong?
Elphin: …Someone is coming. We shall talk some other day.
Klein: …?

A Support

Elphin: …We can have some privacy here.
Klein: Pr-… Master Elphin, you wanted to speak with me? Is it about Etruria?
Elphin: No. It is about the other day.
Klein: Oh… Are you talking about the ‘Master’ thing?
Elphin: Don’t you think it strange for an Etrurian noble to call a simple bard a ‘Master?’
Klein: Oh…! Yes, you’re right! Forgive me. I shall call you Sir Elphin instead…
Elphin: No. Just ‘Elphin’ will do.
Klein: That will not do! Even if you are in disguise, I cannot address my prince simply by name.
Elphin: Hm… …You haven’t changed at all.
Klein: Huh?
Elphin: Do you remember how you used to often come to the palace with your father?
Klein: Yes… I’ve been going to the palace for as long as I can remember.
Elphin: Since I had no siblings, I couldn’t help but think how cute you were as a toddler. And I was still young and foolish, so I told your father, ‘Your son shall now be my younger brother. He must live in the palace from now on.’
Klein: You said that?
Elphin: Yes, I was a fool. Of course, your father didn’t know what to say. And then, you spoke up.
Klein: I did…?
Elphin: Yes. And you said the same words. ‘That will not do.’
Klein: …I don’t remember.
Elphin: ‘I’m going to be your knight, so that will not do.’ Those were your exact words. You also told me, ‘Choose someone else for your brother!’
Klein: …I-I was so rude… I, uh… Forgive me, Your Majesty…
Elphin: Don’t worry about it. I’m glad that you haven’t changed. …When I came back from the brink of death, the world looked so different. I’m glad to see that some things are still the same.
Klein: Prince Mildain…