Klein & Percival

C Support

Klein: General Percival! It is good to see you again.
Percival: Klein. It is good to see you are well. It seems that you’ve gotten quite used to your position now.
Klein: Yes. Although, I’m still one of the least experienced and weakest generals…
Percival: Well, from the way I see it, those working under you are the luckier ones.
Klein: I hope so, too, General Percival.
Percival: …How have you been doing?
Klein: What?
Percival: What do you think about this army?
Klein: Well… Frankly, I feel more at home here than in the Etrurian army. Perhaps it is because of General Roy’s personality…
Percival: …I see.
Klein: How do you feel, General Percival?
Percival: I can’t say I feel completely comfortable here.
Klein: You can’t?
Percival: It is probably because what I seek from an army doesn’t exist here.
Klein: So…you can’t get used to this army?
Percival: …No, it’s a little different from that. It is just that I am and will always be an Etrurian knight. I am unable to bend my standards so easily.

B Support

Percival: …How do you feel about the coup d’etat in Etruria?
Klein: …I understand that Bern was doing things behind the scenes, but still… I never would have imagined that the Etrurian Court would divide into two hostile sides so easily. To tell the truth, I’m still not over it. I… I never thought that there would be so many people who would give in to greed so easily…
Percival: Etruria had not known war for a very long time. Thus, blinded by peace, we didn’t notice the men scheming evil deeds.
Klein: Yes… A conflict would have broken out even without Bern’s help.
Percival: Once this war is over, I will return and devote my life to rebuild Etruria.
Klein: Of course, General Percival. I am prepared to give my life to that cause as well.
Percival: Klein, I want you to seek a different path.
Klein: What!?
Percival: Once I return to Etruria, I plan to dismiss all but those few whom I can put absolute trust in to be loyal to king and country. I will do anything to maintain mutual trust among the king’s servants.
Klein: General Percival… Don’t be ridiculous!
Percival: ! Klein…
Klein: …Please, relax a little. With your ability, you won’t have to go to such extreme measures. I was holding this in because we are at war, but…I’ll say it now. I miss the days when I could look up to you as an older brother…the days when we were more relaxed, and sometimes even laughed it up together…
Percival: ……
Klein: Once this war ends, let us return and celebrate the prosperity of the new Kingdom of Etruria together…in laughter.

A Support

Klein: General Percival?
Percival: Klein. Is something wrong?
Klein: No, I just saw you, so…
Percival: I see.
Klein: You know, I was thinking… Before the coup d’etat, we were never working together under the same mission. But now, here we are, fighting alongside each other, after we have both left the Etrurian military and are under General Roy’s command.
Percival: Hm, yes… Fate can work in strange ways.
Klein: Yes. Oh, on a different topic… Have your favorite foods changed over the recent years?
Percival: ? …No. Why?
Klein: It’s just that the cook was a little troubled. He said that since you are expressionless no matter what you eat, he never knows what to give you.
Percival: Expressionless? …Do you think so?
Klein: Yes, very much so, General Percival. Even when you’re having wine, your expression stays the same no matter how much you drink. If you stop making expressions, you’ll forget how.
Percival: Expressions are not things that can be forgotten.
Klein: I wouldn’t be so sure about that with you, General Percival.
Percival: …Well, well. Getting fresh, are we?
Klein: Haha… I guess it looks like I need not worry.