Lalam & Douglas

C Support

Douglas: There you are, Lalam.
Lalam: Father! Oh… I mean, Lord Douglas!
Douglas: Don’t worry, it is all right for the people here to know our relationship. We don’t have many chances to speak in private like this. Just call me your father, as you always do.
Lalam: Father… You don’t look well. Are you okay? Do you feel sick?
Douglas: No, I’m not sick. I’m just a little tired.
Lalam: Can I help? I’ll do anything for you, Father!
Douglas: Lalam… It’s all right. I feel better now after seeing your face. You can go now…there’s no need to worry.
Lalam: Father…

B Support

Lalam: Father!
Douglas: Lalam? What’s the matter?
Lalam: I brought you my Special Stamina Lunch to help you keep up your energy!
Douglas: Ah, I see. Thank you very much, Lalam.
Lalam: Teehee… Well, eat up!
Douglas: What, right here? I don’t think a military general should be sitting down eating his lunch in the middle of a battlefield…
Lalam: Oh… I’m sorry! O-Of course… You can’t just start eating lunch here… I’ll just be embarrassing you… I’m…so stupid…
Douglas: …Well, it is my cute little daughter’s homemade lunch. I suppose I shouldn’t be putting it off until it gets cold. I changed my mind, I’ll eat it now. …Mmm! This looks good!
Lalam: I-It’s okay, Father! Don’t force yourself!
Douglas: No, it’s really delicious! Mmm…yes.
Lalam: Father…
Douglas: Well, I can send you out to be married any time without worries, eh Lalam?
Lalam: Oh, Father!

A Support

Lalam: Father! Father!
Douglas: What is it, Lalam?
Lalam: I’ve finally found a way to really cheer you up!
Douglas: Lalam… It’s the feeling that counts. Your consideration is enough encouragement. You don’t have to stress yourself so much, Lalam.
Lalam: I’m not stressing myself! If you look sad, then I feel down, too. But if you’re laughing, then I feel happy as well!
Douglas: Lalam… You’re really a good girl. Thank you.
Lalam: No, thank you. Thank you for picking me up off the street and treating me like your own daughter. I… I actually like myself now, after you adopted me.
Douglas: Lalam…
Lalam: Oh! Father, you’re looking all teary again!
Douglas: Whoops… I must watch myself.
Lalam: Okay, now let me cheer you up with my latest dance!