Lance & Clarine

C Support

Clarine: Oh? You are…
Lance: Ah, you must be Lady Clarine, princess of the Rigley family. I am Lance, knight of Pherae. We are honored to have someone of your stature among us. Please forgive any impudence you may have experienced so far. We are in a war, and people are uptight.
Clarine: Oh… Yes, I shall forgive that for you. Understood? This is for you, and it makes you very special! All right?
Lance: Yes, thank you, my lady. Now, let me take your hand…
Clarine: My… You have much respect for a countryside knight.
Lance: I am honored.
Clarine: O-Of course, you are still nothing compared to our knights.
Lance: Forgive my lack of prowess, my lady.

B Support

Clarine: Lance.
Lance: Lady Clarine, is there something I can do for you?
Clarine: As the princess of the Rigley family, I order you to protect me from now on.
Lance: That means…
Clarine: You are a little weak to be defending me, to tell the truth… But since we are in these conditions, I will settle with you. You must stay by my side and defend me at all times. Understood?
Lance: If Master Roy orders it.
Clarine: But… I am ordering you!
Lance: If I may object, my lady, I cannot follow those orders even if they are from you. A knight must serve his master, and only his master. One who forgets that can no longer be called a knight.
Clarine: I… I know that! I was just testing your loyalty as a knight!
Lance: Yes, my lady. Forgive my rudeness.
Clarine: W-Well, anyway, you have passed the test. Be proud of it!

A Support

Clarine: Lance!
Lance: Yes, Lady Clarine?
Clarine: Even if you are not my knight… It is true that we are a princess and a knight, am I correct?
Lance: Yes, of course, my lady.
Clarine: T-Then… I shall hereby permit you to kiss my hand.
Lance: Yes, thank you, my lady.
Clarine: Lance, you do understand, do you not? This is to make clear the difference in our status. There is no more meaning to it than that!
Lance: Yes, of course, my lady.
Clarine: Yes…of course… …You could be a little more…disappointed…
Lance: Did you say something, my lady?
Clarine: N-No! Nothing!