Lance & Lott

C Support

Lance: You are Lott, the mercenary. An axe-fighter, with much endurance.
Lott: You… You’re Lance.
Lance: You seemed to have a troubled look on your face.
Lott: Oh… I was just thinking some things over. Actually, this is a perfect chance. Let me ask you something.
Lance: If it is something within my meager knowledge.
Lott: All right, axes are weak against swords. This is just common sense. What I’m wondering about is why it became like that. I just don’t get the evidence or physics behind it. That’s what I was thinking about.
Lance: I see. Some time earlier, I asked the exact same question as you. I think I’ve found the answer after I looked through several books on war strategy.
Lott: So is it…the weapon’s weight?
Lance: Exactly. Because all weapons are designed bearing in mind that humans will be wielding them, it is almost inevitable that minor flaws and weaknesses would appear.
Lott: So… It’s impossible for a weapon to just make you really strong.
Lance: Right. In the past, many kinds of weapons were made, and disappeared. Among them, the sword, axe and spear remained, thus creating what is commonly known as the weapon triangle.
Lott: I see. But wait, what about weapons like the Swordreaver?
Lance: Well, that brings us to a whole different dimension. So…
Lott: …Ah, I see… Then what about…

B Support

Lance: Knight to F6.
Lott: Armor Knight to E3.
Lance: Pegasus to D1.
Lott: Er… Archer to B1.
Lance: Swordmaster to F1. Check.
Lott: …… …You win.
Lance: So it seems.
Lott: …Do you think the mistake was when I moved that ballista six turns ago?
Lance: Yes, I think so. Where did you learn how to play? I learned it as one of the requirements of a knight.
Lott: There was an old war veteran living where I come from. He taught me. I couldn’t find anyone to play with in the mercenary groups. But up against those who can play, it looks like I don’t stand a chance.
Lance: Well, if you can point out your mistakes, that shows you have skill. I played with Allen the other day, but it was over in two turns.

A Support

Lott: How do you see this battle?
Lance: What do you mean?
Lott: Do you think we stand a chance of winning?
Lance: …… I honestly don’t know. Well, we are outnumbered severely. The enemy can afford send out new troops all the time, while we have to be careful about losing even one troop.
Lott: Yeah… Our starting conditions are just so different.
Lance: But Master Roy sometimes thinks of plans that are beyond my petty thoughts. He has done miraculously well in the battles so far. Under his direction, I feel like we could never lose. Master Roy will surely lead us to victory.
Lott: I see… …You’re not the one to favor somebody just because he’s your master. So if you say so, it must be true. Then I better start believing, too…in our victory, and our leader.