Lance & Wolt

C Support

Lance: ……
Wolt: Sir Lance?
Lance: …I get it now.
Wolt: Uh… Sir Lance?
Lance: Ah, Wolt. Sorry, I was thinking some things over.
Wolt: Have I disturbed you?
Lance: No, I have reached my conclusion. It is all right now.
Wolt: I…see.
Lance: Did you need something, Wolt?
Wolt: Yes. I want to learn by your side. Teach me to fight like you, so I can become stronger and protect Master Roy!

B Support

Wolt: Sir Lance? What are you doing?
Lance: Ah, Wolt. I was keeping a record of this battle.
Wolt: A record?
Lance: Yes. In one of my favorite books, there is a quote from a famous general. It says, ‘The most important thing in battle is information.’
Therefore, I’ve been keeping track of who does what in which location, for both our allies and enemies. It might be of use someday.
Wolt: I see.
Lance: In the battles ahead of us, one mistake could lead us to our deaths. We must pay careful attention to every aspect of the battle under Master Roy’s direction.
Wolt: Y-Yes!
Lance: …It’s time. I must be off.

*Lance leaves*
Wolt: He’s amazing… I can’t be losing, either!

A Support

Wolt: Oh, Sir Lance.
Lance: Wolt. …Are you all right? Your eyes seem to be rather red…
Wolt: Yes! I’m fine. I was reading the book on war tactics that you lent me.
Lance: Well, good job. Were you reading all night?
Wolt: Yes!
Lance: All right, you might be interested in this next. It’s by the same author, and he describes his ideas in detail over the course of 24 volumes.
Wolt: ……
Lance: If you read this, then you should be able to master the basics fairly easily. After that, we can go into more advanced details… Wolt? Are you listening?
Wolt: …… Y…Yes! Of course! I’ll do my best…