Lilina & Garret

C Support

Lilina: Oh… Hello, Garret.
Garret: Damn… So it’s you, eh? I’m telling you, I’m not gonna be your friend or anything… …Hey.
Lilina: What?
Garret: You had an expensive-looking bracelet on your wrist. Where’d it go?
Lilina: …You have keen eyes.
Garret: Well, you hafta be alert when you’re doing banditry. Did you take it off or something?
Lilina: I gave it away?
Garret: Huh? Gave it away?
Lilina: I met an old blind man on the way here. He said that he would starve, so I gave it to him…
Garret: Oh man! You princesses are so damn gullible! He’s obviously tricking you. He’s making you pity him so you’ll give him money.
Lilina: But… Maybe he’s telling the truth…
Garret: Listen, kid, there’s no way in hell that he’s telling the truth. After he gets his money, he’ll be laughing at you as you walk away. You’re so soft ’cause you don’t know the real world.
Lilina: …… But…
Garret: W-Well… I mean, it’s your bracelet, so you can do whatever you want with it…

B Support

Lilina: Hello, Garret.
Garret: You again? I told you before, I ain’t your friend. There’s no telling what’ll happen to you if you stay with me so much.
Lilina: No. You’re a good person.
Garret: Ha! Would you listen to that! You really think you can tell good from bad in the real world? Even after you were so easily tricked the other day?
Lilina: …But…
Garret: I’m here for the money. And if I don’t make any, I’ll just go back to being a bandit.
Lilina: …In that case, why don’t you just attack me right now?
Garret: …What?
Lilina: I have magic tomes, ribbons…a lot of expensive items. You can sell them for money. Right now, there’s no one around… You should just take all my belongings and run off.
Garret: …If you understand that much, then why are you talking to me? What if I really did do that?
Lilina: If you did…then it would be my foolishness. But I don’t think you would do something like that. I just feel that you’re not a bad person. I…trust you.

*Lilina leaves*

Garret: …Dammit! How could I do anything with her looking at me like that…

A Support

Lilina: Hello, Garret.
Garret: Hey…
Lilina: Yes?
Garret: You said you gave your bracelet to that blind guy, right? What would you do if you met him again?
Lilina: Well…
Garret: I guess I don’t have to ask. You would just get tricked as easily as you did before and do anything for him, I’d imagine.
Lilina: ……
Garret: Why do you care so much for total strangers? What are you gonna get from helping them? You should just ignore them.
Lilina: …If I see someone in need, I would feel that I want to do something to help him. If I met that old man again, I would probably give him something…again.
Garret: …… …Oh well, guess some people are just born stupid. Oh yeah… I have to give you this.
Lilina: ? What is this? It’s beautiful…
Garret: I dunno. Some old guy who said he’d met you came up to me the other day. He asked me to give you this. He also said that he was really grateful for you.
Lilina: But… I met that old man way back in…
Garret: I-I don’t know! Anyway, he wanted me to give this to you. Just take it.

*Garret leaves*

Lilina: Garret…