Lilina & Oujay

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Lilina: Hello, Oujay.
Oujay: L-Lady Lilina!
Lilina: Oh, don’t act so tense like that… I just wanted to talk with some people from Ostia.
Oujay: Um…all right.
Lilina: Talk to me. Let’s see… Tell me about your hometown.
Oujay: My hometown? Well… It was just an ordinary village. We were poor… The reason I came all the way out to the city was to make money to feed my younger brothers…
Lilina: You have brothers? How nice. Do you have any sisters?
Oujay: …I have one sister who’s a little younger than me.
Lilina: Really? What’s she like? Is she cute? Does she look like you?
Oujay: I… I was still young, so I don’t really remember. But I still remember holding her hand. Her hand…it was so small and delicate.
Lilina: That’s so sweet… I always wanted a younger sister, too.

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Lilina: Oujay, how is your sister doing?
Oujay: ……
Lilina: Is she at home? Or did she come out to Ostia with you? If she did, I would like to…
Oujay: I’m sorry, Lady Lilina, but…
Lilina: Tell me. I’d love to meet her.
Oujay: She’s not around any more.
Lilina: What? Why…?
Oujay: Lady Lilina… Our village was very poor. …It is the men who become workhands. Girls…have no place. We don’t have any extra bread, either, so… When a girl is born in a poor family, we put pretty clothes on her and leave her in a faraway town.
Lilina: ……
Oujay: …We were poor. I don’t hold anything against my family. If we hadn’t done what we did…we would have just starved.
Lilina: …I’m sorry…
Oujay: Lady Lilina?
Lilina: I’m sorry… I…didn’t know anything… I didn’t know anything… and I…I just…
Oujay: D-Don’t cry! Please, Lady Lilina…

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Oujay: Lady Lilina, about the other day… I’m sorry. I said more than I should have.
Lilina: Oujay.
Oujay: Yes?
Lilina: I’m sorry, I was so stupid. But I don’t want to stay ignorant. Right now, I don’t know anything about running a country, but I’ll learn. I shall make Ostia a country in which our children can always be happy.
Oujay: …Lady Lilina, please don’t strain yourself. My brothers are doing fine thanks to the Ostian marquess. Even God can’t save all of the people.
Lilina: ……
Oujay: But I can say this, Lady Lilina… My sister, wherever she is… She would have liked you very much.