Lott & Thany

C Support

Lott: Thany, don’t come out front that often. Pegasi are prey to archers.
Thany: Yeah, I know.
Lott: And you’re frail, so make sure you retreat if it gets dangerous.
Thany: Uh-huh.
Lott: And…
Thany: Lott! You’re such a worrier. I am a knight, you know.
Lott: But you’re still a knight in training.
Thany: Well, yeah, but…
Lott: Then remember that you can never be overly cautious in battle. The best way to stay alive is to always be wary.
Thany: …Yes, sir.

B Support

Lott: Thany, why do you always go charging in like that?
Thany: But Lott…
Lott: No buts. You know, you should be more…
Thany: …Lott?
Lott: ?
Thany: How come you’re always so concerned about me? Oh wait, I get it. Aww, I never knew you felt that way about me!
Lott: Yeah, you wish.
Thany: Then why?
Lott: …I have a little sister back home.
Thany: Sister? Does she look like me or something?
Lott: No, not at all.
Thany: Then…
Lott: She’s a lot younger than you. She’s not even ten years old yet. So I get real worried when I’m out here like this…
Thany: ……
Lott: Thany, you’ve got an older sister, right?
Thany: Yeah, not just one, but two.
Lott: Then take care of yourself, for your sisters’ sakes. Imagine how they’d feel if something happened to you.
Thany: Yeah…you’re right. I’ll be more careful.

A Support

Thany: Hey, Lott!
Lott: Thany. You seem to be doing well lately.
Thany: See? I’m being more careful now, right? I’m not just rushing in any more.
Lott: Yeah, compared to before.
Thany: Shoot, just ‘compared to before,’ huh… Oh yeah, I had something to tell you, too.
Lott: Something to tell me?
Thany: Yeah. The things that you should be careful of in battle! Do you want to hear them?
Lott: Well, yeah.
Thany: Then give me your ear for a sec.
Lott: Okay… Like this?
Thany: …Don’t stress yourself too much, big brother.
Lott: What the…!
Thany: And that was from Lott’s cute little sister!
Lott: Hey! Thany!
Thany: Hahahaha!