Lugh & Miredy

C Support

Miredy: Phew… Sorry I’m straining you so much, Trifinne… Good girl.
Lugh: Wow! A wyvern! Wow, it’s so big! Is this wyvern yours? Will it get angry if I touch it?
Miredy: No, go ahead. She’s a gentle one.
Lugh: Then… Wow, such hard scales… Her fangs are sharp too! Wow… Are you a Dragon Knight?
Miredy: Yes, yes I am.
Lugh: Really!? I thought only Bern had Dragon Knights!
Miredy: !
Lugh: They say Bern’s Dragon Knights are invincible, so I was a little worried… But they’ll be nothing if we have Dragon Knights as well! I want to defeat Bern, but I’m still not very good with my magic, so I’m not really being of any use yet….
Miredy: ……
Lugh: Oh…I better get going. See you later! Thanks for letting me pet your wyvern.
Miredy: Yes…see you…

B Support

Lugh: Hello! Can I give this to your wyvern?
Miredy: …Hello. What is that?
Lugh: I got some extra baked tarts, so I wanted to give some to the wyvern as well. Oh wait, maybe wyverns don’t eat food like this?
Miredy: You love them, right, Trifinne? Thank you, Lugh.
Lugh: She’s called Trifinne? Can I call her that, too?
Miredy: Of course.
Lugh: Here you go, Trifinne. Eat up. Good, isn’t it?
Miredy: …What is your name?
Lugh: Me? I’m Lugh, from Lycia. What’s your name? Where are you from?
Miredy: I’m Miredy. …I come from Bern.
Lugh: !!! …You’re joking, right?
Miredy: …I’m sorry. I couldn’t get myself to say it…
Lugh: ……

*Lugh leaves*

Miredy: Wait! Lugh! …I know it couldn’t be avoided, but still… I’m sorry, Trifinne, just when you had made a cute friend…

A Support

Lugh: Hello, Miss Miredy.
Miredy: Lugh!
Lugh: …I’m sorry I ran off like that the other day.
Miredy: No, it’s all right. I’m glad that you’re speaking to me again.
Lugh: Yes. I didn’t want things to end like that. …Will you listen to my story?
Miredy: Of course.
Lugh: My parents died when I was four, and ever since then I’ve been living at an orphanage in Lycia. It was a tiny orphanage, with seven kids and just one priest who we called Father. The oldest kids were my twin brother Ray, another boy called Chad, and me, so we three would take care of the little ones. We were poor, but we were still happy. But ever since Bern started the war, our lives changed. Food started getting scarce, and we sometimes had to resort to begging… Chad… he started stealing food without telling Father… Ray then got fed up with that lifestyle and suddenly left one day without telling anybody. I… We hated Bern. Bern was the one that did this to us… Bern killed Father… I just wanted Bern to disappear.
Miredy: ……
Lugh: That’s what I kept telling myself. …Anger keeps you going more than sorrow… Anger has kept me alive…so that I would be able to protect the little ones. …Phew… So…for now, until this war ends…I have to keep my anger towards Bern. …But, you’re on our side, right? I don’t have to hate you…right?
Miredy: I would be so relieved if you didn’t hate me. If you would let me, I want to help you as your friend…Lugh.
Lugh: Thank you, Miss Miredy.