Lugh & Ray

C Support

Lugh: Ray! Ray! I said, Ray!
Ray: …I can hear you, you don’t have to shout like that. …What do you want?
Lugh: Here. That’s your share.
Ray: ? What are these?
Lugh: Baked tarts, as you can see. The meal delivery man gave me some extra ones. They look good, don’t they?
Ray: …Sweets… They’re hard to get nowadays. You should savor them and eat them for yourself.
Lugh: They won’t be good even if I eat them alone. So let’s eat them together later today. Anyway, I’ll be going now. Oh, one more thing. You should at least respond when you’re spoken to! With me it’s fine, but you shouldn’t act like that with strangers. People are going misjudge you for being antisocial or something.

*Lugh leaves*

Ray: Misjudge, huh? …Yeah, whatever. My good ol’ brother seems to be as naive as ever.

B Support

Lugh: Ray!
Ray: …What?
Lugh: No, I was just wondering if you’re doing all right.
Ray: What do you mean, all right?
Lugh: I was worried if you were still here or not. You know…the first time you left, you just left a note and suddenly disappeared. I was worried that you might just walk off again without saying anything…
Ray: …Lugh.
Lugh: Your note said, ‘I want to train my Dark magic skills on my own.’ Was I…in the way? You didn’t want me around…?
Ray: N-No, that’s not the case… I was planning on going back home once I gained enough power as a Shaman.
Lugh: Ray! I knew it! I knew you were going to return to pick up the little ones!
Ray: Huh? No, I never…
Lugh: I’m so relieved! You haven’t changed at all, you’re still the kind hearted Ray that I know. I’ll go pray! I’m going to thank God for letting me see you again!

*Lugh runs off*

Ray: Um…hello? …Sigh… Why is he like that?

A Support

Ray: Lugh, I need to tell you something.
Lugh: What is it, Ray?
Ray: I… I’m sorry I left the orphanage without saying anything. I…uh… I’ll…apologize for that.
Lugh: No, it’s all right now. I understand.
Ray: …A-And! I’ll never disappear without warning again!
Lugh: Yeah?
Ray: So will you stop hovering around me all the time? Come on, please!
Lugh: …Is there a problem if I’m near you?
Ray: Er… N-No, that’s not the case, but…
Lugh: Then what’s the problem? We never know how often we’ll be together once we grow up.
Ray: …Lugh?
Lugh: If… If I don’t make it through this war, promise me you’ll pick up the little ones at the Elimine Church.
Ray: Don’t say that. We’ll both survive.
Lugh: Yeah…you’re right. Something’s wrong with me today.
Ray: I won’t let you die. You’re my brother, my only brother.
Lugh: Thanks, Ray.