Marcus & Allen

C Support

Allen: Where’s the next enemy…
Marcus: Allen.
Allen: Oh, Sir Marcus.
Marcus: You have been performing well lately.
Allen: Thank you, sir.
Marcus: However, it also looks as if you are charging into the enemy lines without thinking. Your duty is to protect Master Roy. Am I wrong?
Allen: But… Defeating the enemy would lead to Master Roy’s safety!
Marcus: What if during your fighting, Master Roy were to be hurt?
Allen: That hasn’t happened so far…
Marcus: Does that mean it won’t happen at all?
Allen: Then…what must I do?
Marcus: Take your time in battle.
Allen: Take my time…?

B Support

Allen: Sir Marcus.
Marcus: Allen. What is the matter?
Allen: I need you to teach me something…
Marcus: Teach?
Allen: You said to take my time in battle. Then was my fighting style up until now wrong?
Marcus: No. But you only use the one style of fighting you are used to.
Allen: Just one…
Marcus: Your courage is not a bad thing. Rather, it should be praised. However, I am worried that you might go berserk and go rushing in, leaving Master Roy behind.
Allen: Yes…
Marcus: A true knight must think about what he must do at a given moment and

change his style accordingly. Charging is not always the best way.

A Support

Marcus: Allen, your fighting has been impressive lately.
Allen: Yes… I am trying my best to change my fighting style, as you told me.
Marcus: I see. Hm, you seem to able enough to take over after me.
Allen: Take over?
Marcus: I am old. I must make way for the young generation, for Roy. I want you to take care of Roy in my place.
Allen: M-Me…?
Marcus: Perhaps taking after an old man like me would be embarrassing?
Allen: Of course not! It is an honor! I shall protect Master Roy with my life and bring further prosperity to Pherae…
Marcus: Calm down. I told you that your fire worried me.
Allen: Yes…
Marcus: There is no need to get all worked up. Master Roy is still young. You must grow with him, as a knight, and as a person.