Marcus & Lance

C Support

Marcus: Lance, have you gotten used to the Pherae family yet?
Lance: Yes, Sir Marcus. Everyone has been very good to me, who is an outsider…
Marcus: I see. Good.
Lance: You have been very caring as well, Sir Marcus.
Marcus: Well, we must have you work especially hard.
Lance: Especially?
Marcus: You have something that the other knights do not.
Lance: I do…?
Marcus: Yes. And that will help Master Roy in the future.
Lance: ……

B Support

Lance: Sir Marcus.
Marcus: Yes, Lance?
Lance: You said before that I had something that the other knights do not.
Marcus: That I did.
Lance: However, I cannot see what that something is. I am but an ordinary knight. I think you see more in me than there actually is.
Marcus: I think not.
Lance: But I was in a different band of knights up until recently, so I have no idea what I can do for Master Roy…
Marcus: There, you have it.
Lance: Huh?
Marcus: You have experience in other areas. The others do not.
Lance: Oh…
Marcus: Master Roy will take Pherae’s throne in the future. And if only Pheraeans were around him, he will grow to be a person with limited views. We need someone like you who knows other parts of the world.
Lance: Will my experience…be of use?
Marcus: You must make it so. Master Roy must grow to be an individual with diverse beliefs.

A Support

Marcus: Lance.
Lance: Ah, Sir Marcus.
Marcus: Master Roy was telling me the other day that you were telling him stories of other parts of the continent.
Lance: If my experience can be of use to Master Roy, then I shall do my best to teach him.
Marcus: Good. Well, it seems I can now retire without any worries.
Lance: Sir Marcus, what are you saying? We still have much to learn from you.
Marcus: Not if we have you. You can take my place once I am gone.
Lance: Me? But I am not a native of Pherae…
Marcus: Are you still worrying yourself over matters like that? Master Roy certainly isn’t.
Lance: …All right, then I shall take your place when the time comes. But that is in the far future. You are still well, and you must still be our example.
Marcus: Well, maybe I can. You never know.