Marcus & Wolt

C Support

Wolt: Sir Marcus!
Marcus: Ah, Wolt. What is it?
Wolt: I have something I must ask of you.
Marcus: Something to ask of me?
Wolt: Yes, could you… Please, could you teach me how to use a sword?
Marcus: ! …May I ask why?
Wolt: I can only use bows. An archer is done for if he gets ambushed in close range. I wouldn’t be able to protect Master Roy if that happens…
Marcus: That’s not true. There are certain things than can be done only with a bow.
Wolt: But…
Marcus: Besides, is there much point in learning swordplay now, at your late age? Mediocre skill would do nothing but hinder Master Roy.
Wolt: Well…
Marcus: Do not worry. You are being a great help to Master Roy already.
Wolt: …I wonder…

B Support

Wolt: Sir Marcus.
Marcus: Wolt… I can tell by your face that you still want me to teach you swordplay.
Wolt: I just don’t get it. Am I really being of that much help to Master Roy?
Marcus: Wolt… What do you think of us as Lord Eliwood’s knights?
Wolt: Eh…? Well… You’re all really strong, and I look up to you.
Marcus: Well, that’s nice to hear. Still, there is one problem with us being Eliwood’s knights.
Wolt: Problem?
Marcus: None of us are even close to his age.
Wolt: !
Marcus: Lord Eliwood’s vassals… They were all old like me or far younger than him. He had no one to joke around with, no one to talk about his concerns with. He was always fighting on his own.
Wolt: Always on his own…
Marcus: I don’t want Master Roy to suffer the same fate. You and Master Roy are the same age, and what’s more, you are milkbrothers. So I want you to stay by Master Roy’s side and give him moral support.
Wolt: Moral support?
Marcus: That’s right. Fighting well in battle is important, but that is not all that is necessary to truly show your loyalty. Think about that.

A Support

Marcus: Ah, Wolt. You don’t look so troubled for a change. Well, do you still want me to teach you how to wield a sword?
Wolt: No, after hearing your words, I cast away my hesitation. I will perfect my skills with my bow, and I will train myself so that Master Roy can count on me without doubt!
Marcus: Very good. With that attitude, it looks like I can let you take over for me.
Wolt: What!? B-But if you leave now…
Marcus: Calm down, I didn’t say right at this minute. Still, it won’t be that far away. Once I am gone, you must take care of Master Roy?
Wolt: Me…?
Marcus: Perhaps taking after an old man like me would be embarrassing?
Wolt: No, that’s not it… It’s just that…can I really do it…
Marcus: There now, see? You have to fix your lack of confidence. You will worry Master Roy with an attitude like that.
Wolt: Yes…
Marcus: You can do it. Have confidence in yourself!