Miredy & Yodel

C Support

Yodel: Hm… So this is a wyvern.
Miredy: You are…Bishop Yodel of the Elimine Church.
Yodel: Yes, pleased to meet you, Miss Miredy. She is so passive… I would have imagined wyverns to be more ferocious creatures.
Miredy: Trifinne will spread her wings and bare her fangs at my command. However, that is due to the training by the Bern Army. …Perhaps she wishes not to be fighting at all.
Yodel: I see…
Miredy: Trifinne and I trained together ever since we were still little. We trained hard to become a proud Dragon Knight in the service of our country.
Yodel: ……
Miredy: I… I don’t regret leaving Bern with Princess Guinevere. However, I still am a native of Bern… It is painful to fight against my former allies.
Yodel: …Indeed.
Miredy: But I’m trying hard to get used to it. For Princess Guinevere…and for my country.

B Support

Miredy: ……
Yodel: Is something wrong, Miss Miredy?
Miredy: No… It’s just that my home is in this area.
Yodel: Ah… So you have family there?
Miredy: Yes, my grandfather and my parents. Both my father and his father were famed Dragon Knights. They would tell us stories of how they defeated legions of enemies in their time. They were so elated when my brother and I were knighted as Dragon Knights as well… I wonder what they’re doing now…?
Yodel: …Miss Miredy… Your path has been a difficult one indeed. Forgive me, I can’t do anything for you…
Miredy: No… I appreciate you listening to me like this. Perhaps…I was looking for someone to talk to.
Yodel: If I will suffice, I shall be more than happy to hear your concerns. Don’t forget, Miss Miredy… You are not alone.
Miredy: Thank you, Bishop Yodel…

A Support

Miredy: Bishop Yodel, I must thank you for helping me so I wouldn’t be alienated in the army…
Yodel: No…it is my pleasure. Trifinne…your master is a very kind-hearted lady.
Miredy: I’ve put her through a lot of stress, too. I’m sure she never wanted to turn her back to Bern… I’ve dragged her along with my selfish motives…
Yodel: Do you think so?
Miredy: …?
Yodel: I understand that Bern’s training implants absolute loyalty in their troops. Both in their knights, and their mounts.
Miredy: Yes.
Yodel: If that is the case, then why is Trifinne following your orders and fighting against Bern?
Miredy: Well…
Yodel: I am sure there were other Dragon Knights and even Bern’s generals in the enemy ranks. If this wyvern is simply a creature that follows the army’s commands, she would not be here with you now.
Miredy: Yes…
Yodel: Do you understand? This wyvern thought on her own and made up her own mind. She chose to be with you. …Just as you chose to be with Princess Guinevere.
Miredy: …She made up her own mind…
Yodel: You are a blessed person, Miss Miredy. You always have close friends at your side. You have no need for me to do anything special.
Miredy: Yes… Thank you…