Miredy & Zeis

C Support

Miredy: Zeis! Behind you!
Zeis: !!
Miredy: Darn…!
Zeis: …I’m sorry, Miredy. I was preoccupied with the enemies in front of me.
Miredy: Don’t worry about it. Gale used to look out for me like this, too. If we can survive by helping each other out, then so much the better.
Zeis: But it would be best if I could fend for myself…
Miredy: You’re still learning. It’s all right, I’ll protect you until grow strong enough.
Zeis: …Thanks.

*Miredy leaves*

Zeis: But…that won’t do. I have to become strong enough so I can protect her…!

B Support

Miredy: Zeis! Slow down! You have to be more careful!
Zeis: I’ve got him!
Miredy: …Don’t rush like that! You were lucky you were able to kill him…
Zeis: Right… I was able to kill him. It’s all right, Miredy. I was fine.
Miredy: That doesn’t mean you’ll win the next time!
Zeis: …But it doesn’t mean I’ll lose, either.
Miredy: Zeis… Why can’t you listen to your big sister? I would never be able to forgive myself if I let something happen to you…
Zeis: …You don’t trust me, do you. Am I so weak that I can’t even be relied on?
Miredy: Zeis, I’m not saying that. Stop being a child.
Zeis: Then… Stop treating me like one!

*Zeis leaves*

Miredy: Zeis! …Why…?

A Support

Miredy: That’s it!

*Zeis appears*

Zeis: Miredy!
Miredy: !!

*They both disappear, and reappear again*

Miredy: Zeis! What were you thinking, taking a blow for me like that!?
Zeis: …Even you sometimes forget to pay attention to the enemies around you, too, huh? Are you all right?
Miredy: Zeis… What about you? Aren’t you hurt?
Zeis: It’s just a scratch. Miredy, your arm is bleeding… Hang on, I’ll go get some vulneraries…
Miredy: Zeis!
Zeis: ?
Miredy: …Thanks for saving me.
Zeis: Why wouldn’t I?

*Zeis leaves*

Miredy: …That Zeis, protecting me? He’s grown so much… Well, it’s no wonder he got angry when I treated him like a child.