Noah & Fir

C Support

Fir: Sir Noah!
Noah: Hello, Fir.
Fir: Sir Noah, I have something to ask of you…
Noah: Sure. What is it?
Fir: I want you to spar with me.
Noah: Oh… For your training?
Fir: Yes. I must experience all sorts of swordplay to master the art. You taught me about fighting at the Arena that time, and… I would truly appreciate it if you would train me for a while.
Noah: Well, if you say so. It’s fine with me.
Fir: Really? Thank you! Let’s start now, then… Wha-!?

*Fir jerks upward*

Noah: Whoa! Are you okay?
Fir: Y-Yes! I’m sorry! I’ll get away now…
Noah: It’s not like you to trip like that. Are you hurt? Let me see your knee…
Fir: N-No, I’m…f-fine! We must get on with the duel!
Noah: Are you really okay? You don’t seem quite…well.
Fir: W-We fight!

B Support

Noah: Hello, Fir.
Fir: S-Sir Noah…
Noah: ? Are you okay? You should tell me if you’re not feeling well…
Fir: I-I’m fine.
Noah: You look like you have a fever…
Fir: I-It’s nothing!
Noah: But… Your face looks red.
Fir: It’s nothing! It’s just that I’m in a little slump right now!
Noah: Fir? Is something on your mind? If you need someone to talk to, I’d be happy to…
Fir: S-Sir Noah! This might sound rude, but… D-Don’t talk to me any more!

*Fir leaves*

Noah: ……Fir.

A Support

Fir: !
Noah: Wait, Fir! Don’t go. I need to talk to you.
Fir: I-I… I swore to myself that I would live by the sword. But… I find my mind wandering, and I’m always thinking about you!
Noah: Fir…
Fir: G-Goodbye!

*Fir tries to leave*

Noah: Fir!
Fir: Wha-…
Noah: Do you remember the first time we met?
Fir: Yes…
Noah: Ever since then, I’ve wanted to tell you something. But I couldn’t muster up the guts to do so. Even after we said goodbye to each other, I’ve been regretting that I didn’t tell you how I felt.
Fir: ……
Noah: I honestly thought it was a miracle when we met again on that island. And… Although I’ve still been keeping it in until now, I won’t hesitate any more. I have to tell you.
Fir: S-Sir Noah…
Noah: Fir, I… I love you.